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This is the Official Information Website for all things concerning Subgenres Channel.  You will find our Blog, Funding Pages, Jobs & Creative Content Provider Pages, Website Store, and more here. 

Our new Streaming Television Broadcast Network can be found on Roku provided devices,
And Through Any  gaming system, computer, phone, tablet, or system that Has A Browser. If you have internet, you have Subgenres. 

Please Use The Button (The Square In Upper The Left Hand Corner Above) To 
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Where you will discover all of our marvelous Steamy content.

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Who Are We Then?

Subgenres Channel is the world's first Streaming Steampunk Channel. We are not social media, we are a television network. Subgenres is an autonomous network that is run by the Worldwide Steampunk Community, for the Worldwide Steampunk Community. 




It is our goal and mandate to create Steampunk television content in order to place Steampunk firmly in the forefront of the media/television/film scene.

It is our belief that if we give Steampunk Media Creatives a viable platform to showcase their work, pay them for their efforts, we can make the genre as relevant as traditional Scifi, Horror, etc. media. For too long Steampunk has been ignored by mainstream television channels and media outlets. If we give these film makers and television series creators a way to pay the bills and put food on their tables our genre will see a surgence in media production. is the actual channel with our full content catalog there for your viewing pleasure. It can be viewed on Roku televisions and devices that have browsers and internet access. We offer television shows, short films, a Specially Curated Vintage Film Collection Playlist, Talk Shows from around the world, news/magazine shows, makers shows, radio plays, poetic readings, performances, and more. Subgenres offers a wide variety of content. Our catalog is constantly growing and evolving. 

Our Dedicated Content Providers and Content Providers are from all over the world. Our channel represents the Steampunk Everyman and we give opportunities to professionals and amateurs alike to discover their inner Media Maker. 

We pride ourselves on being the media hub for the Steampunk Worldwide Community. As a subscriber we have many interactive features like extra features, contests, a forum, and our members can leave comments on videos for the creators like on other video platforms. Many more interactive features are in development and we encourage all our subscribers to see Subgernes as their channel. 

The channel has several playlists that are there for all viewers to enjoy for free. These playlists have been created and curated especially for the Worldwide Steampunk Community. 

The Permanent Steampunk Music Video Archive:

This playlist has a collection of various videos from Steampunks who create music. We refrain from describing the archive as a Steampunk Collection, rather music that Steampunks make and enjoy. It is there to showcase the musical creatives of the genre we love. 

You will find individual videos, collections that are focused on certain artists and bands, extras that give added information about the artists/bands, and more. We accept submissions from all artists. The videos remain as a permanent playlist for our audience to listen to and discover all the awesome Musical Creatives that the Steampunk Universe has to offer. 

Subgenres Channel supports Steampunk Musicians, Bands, and Artists. Please go and give these fellow Steamers some well deserved attention and love. 

Shenanigans Resource Guide Playlist:

In this playlist we will highlight events, Steampunk Groups, and Steampunk Fandom Tourism. The Shenanigans Resource Guide will be a resource guide for the Worldwide Steampunk Community. Here you can see promo spots for events/festivals/conventions, learn about the different Steampunk interest groups in every part of the world, find Bed and Breakfast Inns, Tea Houses, points of interest, and more. 

Our promotional spots are created to give you, a new comer, an idea of what it would be like for you attend the event, what you can expect, and plan to experience. We will have a collection of videos, extra features, and information files for every country, broken down into provinces, states, or regions. You will be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. And, plan to visit these areas with the ability to connect with the local Steampunks and find places that will thrill the Steamer in you. 

Vendors Playlist:

Subgenres is developing a Vendor playlist that is free and accessible to everyone. Each vendor will have a specially made 3 min Vignette created for them. It will have all their social media sites, their websites, and contact information included. At the end of the video we will have a list of the conventions that the vendor will be attending for the next 3 months. You will be able to discover which event and location they will be at in order to go to their booth and purchase their products. 

Convention/Event/Festival Playlist:

This playlist is the based on the same concept as the Vendor Playlist. And, will be created to showcase events, festivals, activities, and conventions all over the world. The content will be included in the Shenanigans Resource Guide, but we are creating a separate playlist so that these events will be easily accessible to our viewers. You can find what you need quickly and efficiently. The promotional spots will remain up on the playlist permanently so that viewers can watch them and track the progress of the event. Collections will be created for each event so that fans and attendees can find all the spots and information about each one with out having to shuffle through a large catalog of content. 

Free Welcome Playlist:

We want Steampunks curious about our channel to be able come and veiw our shows and content for free to get a taste of what we offer. This is a bonus playlist that supplements the 7 Free Trial. A varied selection of our shows will be featured in this playlist so that you can come and poke around to see what we have. 

We are a privately owned company that operates as a cooperative of sorts. Through the funds raised by our subscriptions and funding pages we will pay our Dedicated Content Providers (once we have exceded our monthly operating costs with our subscription earnings, we will pay out our Dedicated Content Providers based on percentage of minutes watched that month by our subscribers). Your subscriptions pay the Dedicated Content Providers allowing them to create more and with increasing improvement to production values. 

The funding we raise will be applied to funding our creatives to acquire equipment, pay crew, and invest in their production. This will allow them to work on their shows and produce seasons instead of a pilot limited series. They can focus on their art instead of the worries of the endless search for funds. 


So, our Dedicated Content Providers do not have to run the rat race that other platforms make them perform. We do not operate a Like popularity contest or care how many subscribers they have. They are paid regardless by the minutes watched by our subscribers. These Dedicated Content Providers also do not have to wait to be included in a pay out program, once they sign on they are immediately eligible for pay outs. So, if you like a show, subscribe and support it by viewing it.


Our Dedicated Content Providers and Content Providers are from all over the world. Our station represents the Steampunk Everyman and we give opportunities to professionals and amateurs alike to discover their inner Media Maker.




As we grow and develop we will be creating programming and television shows through the funding we develop with our subscriptions and funding pages. You can discover what we have planned and what is Coming Soon to Subgenres by checking out our Coming Soon/FundYourShow Page. 

These television shows and other content (Subgenres Concert Series, short films, feature films, etc.) will be created with the input and participation of the Worldwide Steampunk Community. Finally, television made just for you by Steampunks that listen to you. 

Once we have met our funding goals we will begin production of each show that we feature on the FundYourShow Page. We will also develop education subsidies and grants for up and coming Media Makers, Bands wishing to make videos and albums, and fund events/festivals/conventions. 

This website,, will now serve as our Official Information and Supplemental website that will compliment and serve as an information platform for Subgenres Channel. We will offer a membership that is free and you can join The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken. You do not have to sign up for a membership to enjoy the content, joining the website does give you access to special features, updates, and extras. 

You will find our store, blog, forum, the FundAShow Page, and more. 




Our Mandate:

Our Mission Statement:

Where Do Your Subscriptions Go?

Our Constant Movement Forward:

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