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A Tea In The Clouds:
Steampunkin' Around The World

Steampunk Online Convention  Activities
All seminars and activities will appear on the
Subgenres Channel on  June 12th, 2021

Please Join Us! 

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Hairstyling Through The Ages: 3 Eras of Hairstyles

(Medieval circa 800-900 AD, Regency, and Victorian



We host a professional hairstylist to come in and style a models hair for three historic periods. These will be hairstyles that everyone can do at home once they have learned the technique.

This will be a great tutorial for historical costumers and those who wish to time travel.










Steampunk Costuming 101


Many people come to the Tea and have never really tried costuming before, or Steampunk costuming. Many tell us that they don't know what to wear or how to create the look. Well, let us alleviate those concerns with this seminar.

During the seminar we will introduce our guests to several different types of Steampunk attire. Many people think it is just the Victorian look or pirates. This is not so!

Steampunk is a fascinating universe of so many possibilities, we have diesel punk, pirates, sky captains, antiquarians, zombies, vampires, faeries, time travelers, Wild, Wild West, Scifi, and the list goes on. Gears and Googles do not have to be the sum total of Steampunk costuming.

Many people bring their cultural heritage into their costume, meaning that browns are no longer the staple color of the genre, well, it never was really. If one is imaginative enough, one can make anything Steampunk, really.

So we wish to introduce our guests who may be in a quandary of what to wear a new perspective on Steampunk garb. It may just blow your mind.








Steampunk Gun Modding 101:

A Beginner Course In Prop Making


Winnipeg does not have a cohesive and burgeoning Gun Modding community. This saddens us. We have for years endeavored to reach out to our scattered gun modders in the city with no avail. So, we have decided to create our own seminars and group in hopes to foster a more established group.

Our first seminar will focus on picking the best type of toy gun, the prep work before painting, painting and techniques to get the best looking gun ever.

We hope to create more complex tutorials and seminars in the future. One's that include adapting the gun to include moving parts and also lights. Also, it would be a lovely future goal to have expert gun modders attend the Tea and teach advanced and unique effects.








What Is Steampunk In All Its Varied Glory


This seminar is for beginner Steampunks who wish to learn what exactly the massive universe of Steampunk is and where they may fit in. Many people have a hard time understanding Steampunk at first because there are so many facets and explanations of the genre.

We wish to allay some of this confusion and help new converts to the genre wade through the quagmire of voices to find their very own stance on Steampunk.









Time Travel And The Time Continuum


The concept of time travel is bandied about quite a bit in Steampunk and other genres. But, where did it begin, what are the fundamentals of this phenomena, and the theories behind it? We are going to give our guests a history of time travel in popular science fiction and also the basic theories involved in it.

How does it work? What kind of instruments do you use or need? Can one teleport through time? Common misconceptions and also established rules of traveling within the Time Continuum. This is a great seminar for time travelers.









The Henderson Directorate


This is a group of historical/time travel re-enactors who wish to cosplay actual former residents of the city of Winnipeg. We will give our guests a preliminary guide on how to choose their persona, research their persona through city archives, and then develop a persona to re-enact at Henderson Directorate meetings.

The Henderson Directory is the earliest version of a Yellow Pages, before there were telephones. It is like a city census that was distributed to the populace in order for people to be able to contact each other. It is a directory of households and businesses.

The Henderson Directory lists information like; People's names, addresses, trades, children, etc. It is a wonderful historical document and gives us a great snap shot of Winnipeg during different eras from 1880 to 1965.

This is a time travel seminar and the personas are actual former citizens of Winnipeg. We hope to create a gallery of photos of Henderson Directorate members recreating original photographs and displaying their time travel adventures.









Steampunk Sewing Brigade: Pandemic Bow Tie Tutorial


This seminar will take you through step by step how to create a real bow tie that ties around your neck. We decided to offer a tutorial on a simple bow tie because we felt that most people would have most of the materials around the house and would not have to buy special items. It is also a clothing accessory that can be worn by anyone no matter the gender.

We will also include a short tutorial on how to tie your bow around your neck on your own so that you can wear it proudly at your next Steampunk zoom event. You must look dapper from the neck up!









How To Be A Sky Captain


Now, just to be clear. The job of Sky Captain can take on many variations, but I want to caution you that it does not directly translate to Sky Pirate. Join us, Thessalonica Jones and Captain Lief Franstien of Her Majesty's Sky Command in this seminar we will explain the career choice of Sky Captain in its multitude of incarnations.


Also, the best ship for your crew and choice of activities, what to do when you are drafted into a battle, how to pick a good crew, etc.

Being a Sky Captain is an exciting and adventurous career path. Come and find out if you have the sails to bluster through the skies with the best of them.









Evil Villainy: Step One In World Domination


Have you ever pondered world domination? Tossed it around in conversation and thought hmmmm......that could be the career path for me?

Well, you are in luck! The Mistress of Doom is going to attend the Tea in 2021 and give a starter seminar on how to be an evil super villain. Don't miss the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the Evil Doers Club.










Haberdashery 101: How To Make A Simple Victorian Straw Hat


We are going to present a simple seminar in how to make a very basic Victorian hat that can compliment any costume. Supply list and cost will be provided closer to June.










Hats and How To Pull Them Off In Steampunk Style


Often times people absolutely love hats, but hesitate to wear them because they do not think they can pull them off in grand style. Well, let us help you with that.

We will help you understand the right way to mount a hat to any type of hair, what shape of hat looks best on you, and how to hold your head up high when wearing an amazing piece of haberdashery.

Keep Calm, And Hats On!

From Persona To Penned Page



Gary Ruse describes the process of creative development that took him from an idea for what started as a desire one morning before breakfast to create a Steampunk costume. Then got my mind working to create a persona, which in turn resulted in other supporting characters and backgrounding. That led to how a steam powered starship would be built and work, and a plot and a dastardly villain. That developed into a screenplay and then a book.









Beth Daniels/

Nied Darnell


Beth Daniels lends the expertise she gained as a professional novelist with 30+ years

and 32 published books (and growing) to her list of achievements.


Add in a BA in History and a MA in English Composition and Rhetoric with an

Emphasis in Creative Writing, over a dozen years as a composition instructor

at the college level, numerous online fiction writing workshops at and for various RWA online chapters, and the stats add up.

She knows her onions and can maneuver her way through nearly any genre or subgenre birthed.

She is  one of the founders of the writing group The Bards of Bardstown (KY),

and a very active member at The Vault, a fantasy specific writers’ group in Louisville (KY).

Her numerous workshops have spawned a collection of Fiction Writers Aids e-books

and other non-fiction titles about the art of writing fiction.


Find her at or Daniels or @BethDaniels1 on Twitter. She also writes Steampunk and other altered historical tales as Nied Darnell.

Please join Beth Daniels for a Q & A session and discussion on our Forum. Beth will be present on June 12th, 2021 in the forum to discuss Steampunk fiction development and will be available to our guests to answer questions about writing for this genre. 



A Maker Zoom Seminar


Wheeler Stone

Patterning with Doc Stone Studios.



Learn how to pattern in paper around any object that you would like to create a leather item out of. Through demonstrated techniques and visual/verbal instruction Doc Stone will show you how to create the pattern that best suits the item that you would like to wrap in leather cloth or any other substance.



About Doc Stone:

Wheeler Stone (aka Doc Stone) is the owner-operator and principal Artist of Doc Stone Studios

in Winchester VA. He has been a leather artist and Metalworker for over 25 years

and is recognized for his designs worldwide.


Doc Stone has been seen in film roles in “House of cards”, and in notable films such as “The Crucible”, and “Goodwill Hunting”. Wheeler recently had 3 separate roles in AHC’s “American Titans”

as well as Guest spots in the reality show “Suddenly Royal”.

Wheeler most recently acted in the Steampunk Film "Secret Within the Sphere"

to be released in August 2021. As the Makers Maker, Doc throws his heart and soul into his art

and shares his techniques and knowledge freely.


He has been interviewed for the “Frederick News-Post” and “Voice of America”. His Art work was also seen in the BBC show “Animal Incredible”.

As a classically trained actor Doc brings his performance skills home in his teaching.

Doc’s workshops reflect his propensity for fun and shenanigans while also leaving his audience with valuable take-home information to further their own projects.


Doc recently designed the set for Maryland Ensemble Theater’s production of “1984” and has years of set design and production in his resume. Art, theater, and encouraging people to find their personal maker, are the tools of Wheeler’s trade. “Like” Doc Stone Studios on Facebook for more examples of Wheeler’s work.

Follow the link provided to join his wonderful maker seminar on June 12th at 4:pm.








Absinthe Affair









International Steampunk music and mischief frae Atticus Oldman –

Broadcast around the Multiverse from the clockwork heart o’ Auld Aether Reekie!



Atticus Oldman (AKA Wullie Steele) is an artist, broadcaster and event host

working from a lost location deep within the wynds and vennels

of the living heart of Clockwork Caledonia’s ancient capital Auld Aether Reekie.


As host of the Absinthe Affair web broadcasts Atticus has engaged in a personal mission

to raise awareness of the rich and diverse range of music played,

shared and enjoyed by Steampunks across the Multiverse..


And beyond!

The special two hour Absinthe Affair produced for

“A Tea In The Clouds: Steampunkin' Around The World”

Is intended to provide a taste of the many flavours of music to inspire Steampunkery

as served up from artists, bands and musicians from across the international Steampunk Music Community!


The Absinthe Affair o’ Atticus Oldman:






Mystery Puzzle:

Mistress of Doom and Her Dastardly Deed:

The Sky In Chains

You will be able to find this activity, The Mystery Puzzle, here on our Activities Page 

on June 12th, 2021.


So we are introducing Escape Rooms or Adventure/Mystery Puzzles to our online convention this year.

We are hoping to make a series of five silly videos featuring The Mistress of Doom and her evil plans for world domination.

The Mistress of Doom and her dastardly sidekick Mr. Schniggles Fritz will send five videos to the Time Keepers demanding they hand over control of their Time Travel technology.

She has kidnapped Commander Lief Franstien of Her Majesty's Sky Command

(Queen Edvilla of Romanistan's Air Fleet commander) and his crew.

The Mistress of Doom will give the Time Keepers 48 hours to comply

before the whole crew is walked off the plank.

You must watch the videos carefully to see clues as to where the crew and commander are being held.

Once you have determined the hostages location

you must send the information to the Time Keepers before the 48 hours are up.

Time of actual play is 1 hour to solve the Adventure.

If you solve the puzzle first we will send you a Medal of Valor from the Time Keepers

and the Steampunk Empire. And you will go up on the website as the hero of the day.




Tea Room Sessions

Sale of seats for the four 45min sessions are now available and can be booked below:

More details found on Subgenres Booking Page

We will be doing a mini seminar on how to "Bitch The Pot",

giving away a prize of one Tea Cup Package to one lucky guest at each of the four sessions.


Please sign up asap so that we can make sure we get the Zoom link to you in time and all goes smoothly.

We will also be playing some games, have a Best Tea Cup contest, and some delightful shenanigans.

Please join us with your best tea cup, some good tea, and a appetite for fun.

We have a special day planned for you.







Psychic and Astrologist Readings

Please Contact Julie and Amy Directly

To Book Your Reading


Readings by Rev. Julie Thompson “The Happy Medium”.

Julie comes to you with 40 years of experience as a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium.

She is originally from the Isle of Man, UK which is sure to add a certain flair to your time with her.


Some of her expertise include: Past Life, Tarot/Angel Cards, Psychometry,

Pendulum, Wellness Coach, Weddings/Funeral Celebrant.

Julie can marry you, bury you or baptize you, but not necessarily in that order.

She brings insight into what could be some of the most enlightening moments of your life!


We are directing our guests to

Contact @Julie Kennish

Medium on Facebook to book your appointment today!

PayPal or e-transfer of $25 is accepted to confirm your time with Julie!

Rev. Julie Thompson will be available on June 12th during the afternoon.

Amy Potten



As long as I can remember, energy has been drawn to me  and I have been drawn to it, both living and dead. I was  born with my gifts and abilities, they come naturally, it is my birth right

and has been with me throughout all of my lifetimes.  

I am an Empath! I feel everything around me, the  emotions of both human and animals,

as well as the rest  of the living world whether it be a tree, the earth or even  the wind.

Everything has a story which I have the ability  to share.  

During readings with my clients I am able to hit the heart  of the matter,

by being able to pick up on thoughts, feelings, illnesses not only theirs but those around them 

whether they be in the physical realm or the spiritual one.  

In essence, I see my clients at a soul level; I feel their hurt,  their joy, their physical ailments

as if they were my own. I  can convey the messages that your loved ones have for  you,

through shared memories, emotions, as well as  knowing. I can see things in my mind's eye,

sense things  before they take place.


I use a variety of divination tools to help my client's find  the answers they need to know.

My readings come from a  place of love, I want to help you in your self discovery, to 

be apart of this amazing journey. Some of the tools I use are tasseography, dream interpretation, oracle cards, pendulum and psychometry.  


My life's purpose is to be a healer and share what I instinctively know to help answer questions, heal hurt, to  be apart of other people's journeys by sharing my light, my love. 

Please contact Amy Potten 

to book your reading on June 12th:













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Medieval AD 800 - 900 



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Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week

Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week

Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week

Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week

Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week

Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week

Due to Covid Restrictions and Technical difficulties this seminar will be available in the next week