Please Note: We are hoping to add outside vendors this year to the Carnival Games Area. These vendors will be accessible to the public for free, without admission fees, all day.



Outdoor Activities: 

Tea Cup Shooting Gallery: 9am - 5pm

 Our Tea Cup Shooting Gallery has been under fire for two years now and has been a crowd favorite for all ages. It is a shooting gallery like no other, you can knock saucers over, hit tea cups, and rings spoons if you are a good enough shot. 

We use water pellets in modded toy guns. Please do not bring other projectiles, we specifically use the water pellets to insure that the property is kept free of litter and the water pellets dissolve into the ground. We wish to leave the church property intact, clean, and respected.


Gun modding has been around in the Steampunk community for many years. It is the practice of buying Nerf or other toy guns and modifying them to be cool prop/costume pieces. There are many forms of Gun Modding out there and we encourage you to do a simple Google search, you would be amazed at what you find. Some guns have lights, sound, and some are made from scraps of things, like trumpets.


Our Tea Cup Alley will be open for target practice at 9 am Saturday morning. We welcome our guests to come and enjoy the Carnival Area which will be open all day this year on June 8th. There will be vendors, carnival games, and fighting demos. This area is free for the public to access without paying admission all day until 5 pm.


If you have a modded gun that shoots water pellets you are welcome to bring your very own pistol to use at the Shooting Gallery. The tickets are $2 for 10 shots, you can purchase tickets at the Carnival Area Ticket Booth.

Extreme Croquet:            9am - 5pm

This year we are finally able to start creating our Extreme Croquet Course. Our guests will enjoy five fun obstacles that they will have to navigate whilst also still sticking to the rules of civilized croquet.

We are keeping in the spirit of this year's theme of an "Ode to Poe" and creating humorous obstacles for our guests to interact with. Come and have a delightful round of Extreme Croquet with friends. You might be surprised to discover that you will Nevermore wish to play a mundane game of Croquet again. 


You will find our Extreme Croquet Course in the Carnival Game Area outside on the church lawn. The Public are free to access this area without paying admission, however, one must purchase a required Carnival Game ticket to play.  

 Steampunk Picnic: 10am - 12pm

All of the guests at our event are invited to bring a snack or picnic lunch to enjoy in the specified picnic area on the church grounds. We are hoping to encourage all the Steampunks in Winnipeg to come and get to know one another. What better way to meet and greet than by breaking bread together. Sharing a meal with strangers is the best way to make friends. 

We have a forum on this website if any of our guests wish to arrange meet up times, find rides, or exchange information. 


The picnic is free to all. It starts at 10 am and our guests are welcome to enjoy the weather and scenery.

Kraken Highstriker/Strength Tester: 9am - 5pm

This is a good old fashioned High Striker/Strength Tester. We built it ourselves. Test your strength, are you a Sea Urchin or a Mightly Kraken?

Our Highstriker will be open and ready to see just how much bang you have for your buck at 10 am.

For $2 you can have three chances to prove that you as strong as a Great Deep Sea Creature or as weak as a little Urchin. 


Release Your Inner Kraken!

Ye Olde Pipes Dunk Bucket: 9am - 5pm

What is a good dousing between friends? We are bringing back our Ye Olde Pipes Dunk Bucket for a second year. Last year our guests had fun dousing our volunteer. For $2 you have three chances to hit the bull's eye and douse us good. You can find our Dunk Bucket ready to take you on at 10 am in the Carnival Games Area. 

Come out to the Church lawn and enjoy our new additions to our outdoor Victorian Carnival Games Area. 

Children's Activities: 9am - 4:30pm

Children’s Activities begin in the Children's Area outside situated in the Carnival Games Area. This area is Free and only for children under 12. They can play pin the Tentacle on the Kraken, have three-legged Pirate races, and much more.


If you wish to play marbles, jacks, or hop scotch there will be marbles, side walk chalk, and jacks for sale at the Carnival Games Ticket Booth. 

All Children must be attended by an adult. We will not take responsibility for the care and welfare of your children. We do not have a volunteer posted in that area.

Valour Historical European Martial Arts Academy, 1:30pm:

Valour HEMA Academy is a Western Martial Arts group that teaches historical rapier, longsword, and equestrian games in the renaissance Italian tradition.


Hema will be sending some of their members to show us a demonstration of sword fighting. You can watch this demo is in the Carnival Games Area starting at 1:30pm.


Indoor Activities:

Children's Indoor Activity:


There is a craft package that can be purchased at the Perfect Sentiments vendor table for $5.


It is a Pirate Eye Patch that your child can wear during the event. A parent must be present in the Second Alcove while their child makes the eye patch. We do not have any attendants in this area, you are responsible for your child. 

There will be coloring pages, craft supplies, and a information sheet on how to play paper games, how to create your own Steampunk name, and how to create a great costume. 

Please do not use the churches Sunday School Supplies. We will provide all the craft items you will need. 

Steampunk Pinata

Changed to Outside at 2pm

Every year we create a Steampunk Air Ship that is filled with goodies and small toys. The pinata will be set up in the second alcove for the kids to enjoy. It is a highlight of the event and the kids just love beating the Kraken out of the pinata.  

We will announce when the Pinata will be bashed. Don't miss the chaos!

Adult Activities:

Gun-Modding and Inventors Table: 12pm - 4:30pm, Upper Hall

The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken has always been deeply intrigued by science and its advances.


We are hoping that local inventors of gadgets and thingie-ma-Bobs will bring their fantastic inventions for us to enjoy.


Thus, we wish to invite the Gun-Modders of Winnipeg to bring in their newest and most effective guns for our guests to peruse. The Gun Modding Table can be found in the Upper Hall.

*Let it be kept a deep dark secret that the Society also holds in high regards, Cthulhu, an elder god who admires weapons of destruction. It makes his job of destroying the world that much simpler.

(please be aware that Cthulhu is a fictional god and that we are only having a ton of fun pretending to have an underground society that follows this imaginary God.)

The Inventions and Guns will be displayed on a specially designated table. We ask that you fill out a form that can be printed out from this site and sent in to us. This ensures that we can put a name to an invention or gun. We want you to get credit for your work.

We use the form to assign your name and information to your gun, and/ or invention. This aids the Guests in choosing which item to vote on. They will decide which gun is the most admired modded weapon.


And, which Invention is the most Enlightened Invention. Your gun or invention cannot be entered into the contest or displayed without this information. 

Results of the Guest vote will be announced at 4:30pm during the Closing Ceremonies when we announce the winners of the trophies and prizes.

Victorian Voguing: 12:15pm - 12:35pm, Upper Hall

This activity is very similar to a practice known as Parasol Dueling that was created in Calgary. 

However, we prefer to call this activity Victorian Voguing so that it is better understood how our take on it works. 

We include both men and women in the vogue contest. It comprises of two contestants and the way to win is to out pose the other in under a 10 second count by the audience. 

To win the contestant can use a cane, gloves, fan, parasol, or just themselves to out pose their opponent. They are encouraged to strike as many fantastic poses that they are capable of in a count of 10. 

The referee then asks the audience to vote on the best contestant. The winners of the voguing will then pose of with each other until only one remains. We strike a pose at 12:15pm on the Main Stage in the Upper Hall. Don't be late!

Parasol (Umbrella) Dueling: 12:35pm to 1:55pm, Upper Hall

This activity entails two components actually fencing with two umbrellas. There will be a referee trained in actual sword fighting present to insure that no participants are hurt. 

We provide the two umbrellas. Dueling starts at 12:35pm on the Main Stage. 

Both participants will be expected to fence in a light foray. The ends of the umbrellas will be marked with colored chalk. Each participant has to mark the white coat of their opponent three times in order to win the duel.


The two umbrellas will have different colored chalk so that we can determine how many times a participant is touched. If a participant should mark the red heart of their opponent they automatically win the contest. 

Only adults may participate in the Parasol Dueling. The umbrellas will be altered to make sure that no participant is injured if all the safety rules are followed. 

Photo Booth: 12pm - 5pm

We are creating Poe's Library in the third alcove for our guests to have the most charming photos taken of them in the Upper Hall.


It is our goal to create a rich environment in which our guests can pose and get wonderful photos from, we know Steampunks and their love of a great shot to put on Facebook, or on the wall. 

We have asked our resident photographer to work his magic in the photo booth so that our guests can have a marvelous souvenir to take home. 

Kevin Grummett has been doing photography for 5 yrs mostly landscapes and still life. Ron Buchan has been doing photography since 1978 got into it by doing the darkroom side of photography. He has shot posters for local events and having sold stock images for a calendar. Currently shooting boudoir images and creative portraits as well as landscape and wildlife. 

Prices for:

4x5 standard would be $5.00

If you want the .jpeg mailed to you it is $30.00 

This photo booth will be filled with personal items that members of our organization have volunteered for us to use as setting pieces. Please respect that these are personal and valued items that belong to someone.


We ask that you respect the photo booth area and refrain from handling or touching items displayed there. No rough-housing or removing of items from this area. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy the Poe's Library of the Macabre and have lovely photos to cherish throughout the year till the next Tea. 

Photography Contest:

June is right smack dab in the middle of Wedding Season. So, we are offering all the Steampunk couples out there who are planning to tie the knot this Summer a fun proposal. 

Come and have an Engagement photo done in our photo booth. The best costumed Steampunk couple to pose in our booth will win a Romantic Steampunk Gift Basket valued at $100.00.

We will announce the winning couple a week after the Tea. 

Zeppelin Racing:

Build your own remote control zepplin by following these videos and you can enter it in our Zeppelin Races this year. 

Depending on how many people bring their own zeppelin we will determine on the day of the event where they will be held. 

Our Fortune Teller: 12pm - 3:30pm, Upper Hall

Amy Potten is our resident Tarot Card Reader, Medium, and Fortune Teller this year. She will be in the Gypsy tent in the Upper Hall ready to read your fortune in our Kraken Crystal ball, read Tarot for you, or give you answers to questions you have had at the edge of your thoughts for years.
We are adding a short video of our Kraken Crystal Ball for you to enjoy. It will be present and operational for you to gaze into on the day of the Tea. 
You never know what the Kraken knows......

Costume Promenade and Judging: Upper Hall, 4:30pm

Our guests are welcome and encouraged to come up on stage and join the Costume Promenade.

We will announce your name and info about your costume that you provide. Extra credit will be given to costumes that are handmade. 

After all the contestants have had their prance around the stage and a chance to show off their amazing threads, the audience will vote on the best costume. 

The guest that wins the contest will receive first place and a ribbon to wear proudly. 

Forms for the Contests:


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