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 Tea and Ladies Bazaar

Admission Prices, PrePaid, and 
Guest Registration

Admission at the Door: 

A Quick Note On Attire:

Costumes are not required, but encouraged. We wish our guests to feel comfortable at The Tea and so we are just fine if you wish to attend in 21st Century clothing.

**For all we know you are a Time Traveler from 2098.**

General Admission Prices At The Door:

Adult: $15 

Youth: $15

Children under 10 are free


We charge admission at the Registration Desk every year on the day of the event. 

Our guests are encouraged and perfectly welcome to prepay as well. We are offering several different ways to purchase admission this year. 

You can prepay online, through e-transfer, PayPal, Eventbrite, here on the Admission page below, or by cash (through prior arrangement, Natasha Klassen: 204-292-9599).

Eventbrite Link: 

Please be aware that our Registration Desk and means of entering the convention this year will be situated at the Wardlaw entrance of the church, however we are allowing mobility challenged guests to use the entrance on Nassau Street. Please ring the buzzer by the Nassau entrance door and someone will come and let you in.  

This is to accommodate guests with mobility issues. The Nassau Street entrance has a ramp. 

**We are hoping that we will see some of the members at the event who are a part of The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken.** 

Our Policy On Children:

To be sure, we love to see our young Lads and Ladies of the Steampunk Realm make appearances at The Tea. 

We insist that parents supervise their children under the age of 12 at all times. We will not take responsibility for their care, please do not let them be unattended.


The Children's Area provided does not have babysitting privileges. If you wish your child to enjoy the Children's Area we ask that you remain with your child. 

If your child should wish to take part in the crafts area you can purchase a Pirate Eye Patch Craft Kit for $5 at the Perfect Sentiments Gift Basket Vendor Table. Please supervise your child in the craft area when they are making a craft or using that space. 


Please respect the churches property and not use their Sunday School supplies or other property not otherwise specified for the use of the event. We will provide all the materials needed for your child to make their craft. 

The Pirate Eye Patch Kit is $5.00

Sterling Silver Raven Charm 

Sterling Silver Figaro

Chain Bracelet

Prepaid Admission:


The Prepaid Admission Rate If Paid Online: 

Adult: $16.93 for regular Prepaid Admission/booking

        The $1.93 fee is waved if you pay through an etransfer.

Youth: $16.93

Children under 10 are free

* We had to add up to $1.93 depending on price, to cover all the processing fees that PayPal/Square and other online payment processing requires. 


We are allowing our guests to prepay admission if they should so please. There are three forms of Prepaid Admission, the regular Prepaid General Admission, Sterling Silver Raven Charm 2019  Prepaid Admission, and the Prepaid Admission with our Sterling Silver

Fundraising Admission Bracelet. 


The benefit of prepaying is that you will have your name added to the Guest List and will be allowed to reserve your seat at the Radio Play and Seminars. They fill up fast and are often first come, first serve if you do not prepay. We will also send you any up dates if you should wish to receive them. 

*Guests who prepay will be able to book/choose their seats at the High Society Afternoon Tea first, the sitting fee for the Tea Room is $25 and this is not included in the Prepaid General Admission fee. However, a Tea Room Seat Booking is included in the Sterling Silver Fundraising Bracelet price.

Please be aware that the sitting fee for the Tea Room is over and above the price of General Admission to the event itself. Purchasing an entrance fee to the event at the door does not allow you access to the Tea Room from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. We strongly suggest that if you wish to participate in the Tea Hour, you purchase your seat before the event date. There are only 18 seats available.


The Tea Room Seats are also booked separately from the Prepaid Admission. Please see the Tea Registration here:

How To Purchase Prepaid Admission (General Admission):

You can prepay online through:

e-transfer, PayPal, Eventbrite, here on the Admission page below, or by cash (through prior arrangement, Natasha Klassen: 204-292-9599).

Please go to the Tea and Ladies' Bazaar Guest Registration at the bottom of this page. There you will see the Prepaid ticket/admission offered. 

Prepaid Admission Rates (If Not Paid Through Online Payment):

Adult: $15

Youth: $15

Children Under 10 Are Free

Please note you can contact:

Natasha Klassen: 204-292-9599


If you wish to purchase prepaid admission through other methods such as etransfer or cash.

Cash payments will not be charged the extra processing fees.


Please contact Natasha Klassen to make the needed arrangements to make your cash payment.  

We will place your name on the Guest List at the Admission Table when you come to the event on June 8th. 

We also can take orders for admissions over the phone. All phone orders will be processed through our Square App (processing fees will be added) or you can make arrangements to pay in cash.

Please go to the Tea and Ladies' Bazaar Guest Registration at the bottom of this page. 

There you will see the Prepaid ticket/admission offered. 

Sterling Silver Fundraising Bracelet:

The price for this form of Prepaid Admission is $70.00. 


If you should purchase the Prepaid Admission Option that is our Sterling Silver Fundraising Bracelet you will have the same ability to reserve seats for the Radio Play and Seminars. This option of Prepaid admission includes: first choice in your seating at the High Society Tea, a Seat Reservation (The Seat Reservation covers the $5 charge for your seat at the Tea, but the food is separate and is not included in the price of the Sterling Silver Fundraising Bracelet), and a beautiful Silver Admission Charm Bracelet to wear at the event. 


Wear this bracelet at all times in our event space to show that you have paid admission. You can purchase the Sterling Silver Fundraising Bracelet in our Shoppe here on the website, just go to the menu and choose the Shoppe Page. When you order we will place your name on the VIP list and you can let us know if you wish to have us hold a seat for you at the Radio Play, Seminars, and the High Society Tea.

The Sterling Silver Fundraising Bracelet set can also be purchased at the Tea from the Registration Desk, but it is only while supplies last.

Prepaid Sterling Silver Charm Admission:

Price: $40.00

This is the third option that our guests can choose to purchase a prepaid admission to The Tea. If you purchase the Sterling Silver Charm without the chain you will still receive the same benefits of a Prepaid General Admission. You must wear the charm and show it to the Registration Desk upon arrival to the convention space. The Charm is the proof of prepaid admission. You must purchase this Prepaid option in the Shoppe on this website. This does not include a Tea Room Seat.


Pre-Registered Guest List:


This list exists purely for the event staff to have an idea of how many people are in fact attending. It also enables these guests to sign up for or book certain activities at the Tea. The Guests who pre-register by Prepaid Admissions will receive updates and also be notified of any deals the event may offer before June 9th.

You can place your name on the Guest Registration if you look below. At the very bottom is Registration box where you can pay for your Prepaid Admission. 

4th Annual Tea and Ladies Bazaar
It is our fourth year of fun and shenanigans. We are looking forward to enjoying a day filled with Steampunk frivolity with fellow Steamers.
Jun 08, 2019, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Crescent Fort Rouge United Church,
525 Wardlaw Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0L9, Canada


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