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The Eversteam Chronicles: Book One 
Give Away

Welcome to the Eversteam Chronicles give away contest. We are offering this to our viewers as a way to celebrate the addition of Jude Matulich-Hall to our coterie of Creative Content Providers. Jude has agreed to add her podcast "Titles, Talk, & Tipples" to our weekly Live Stream Schedule. 

Please tune in every Wednesday evening at 7pm CST to enjoy this new podcast we are airing on Subgenres. Jude will discuss a multitude of topics with fellow authors and introduce her audience to the many awesome writers out there. 

In order to win the contest our viewers must watch "Titles, Talk, & Tipples" to acquire the correctly answer three questions about the topics discussed in Part One and Part Two of the first episode with Suzanne Craig Whytock. 

The first person to answer all three questions correctly will win a prize package of fun and interesting goodies straight from Jude. And, a signed copy of her new book, The Eversteam Chronicles: Book One. 

The contest is free to enter and open to everyone. Just fill out the form below to enter the contest.

The first two answers can be found in Part One of the episode that will be aired on Wednesday January 5, 2022. The third and fourth answers can be found in Part Two of the episode airing on Wednesday January 12th, 2022. We have placed both these episodes in the On Demand section under Titles, Talk, and Tipples. Please go watch both episodes for the answers to the form below.

***Please only send in one form with all the answers filled in, do not send in two separate forms with two answers each. Wait until you have watched Part One and Part Two to fill out the form below. *****

Thank You For Watching!!!

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