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Ms. Mumford's Marvelous Mummy Unwrapping

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Around The World In 180 Minutes

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Absinthe Affair/Atticus Oldman


Please follow the link to enjoy Atticus Oldman's show especially made for our convention.

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Introducing Our Brand New

Subgenres Channel

Please Enjoy These Video Selections Created Especially For Our Members

Introducing Our Brand New
Mystery Puzzle

Please Enjoy These Video Created Especially For Our Members



The Mistress of Doom and Her Dastardly Deeds

So we are introducing Escape Rooms or Adventure/Mystery Puzzles to our online convention this year.

We have made a series of five silly videos featuring The Mistress of Doom and her evil plans for world domination.

The Mistress of Doom and her dastardly sidekick Mr. Schniggles Fritz will send five videos to the Time Keepers demanding they hand over control of their Time Travel technology and complete power over the Steampunk Empire. 

She has kidnapped Commander Lief Franstien of Her Majesty's Sky Command (Queen Edvilla of Romanistan's Air Fleet commander) and his crew. The Mistress of Doom will give the Time Keepers 12 hours to comply before Leif Franstein and his whole crew is walked off the plank.

You must watch the videos carefully to see clues as to where the crew and commander are being held. Once you have determined the hostages location you must send the information to the Time Keepers before the 48 hours are up. You must state the city and country they are hiding out in. 

The very first player to solve the Mystery Puzzle and send in the correct answer will be given the title of

Hero of the Steampunk Empire. They will receive a handmade medal of honour for their service to the Empire. 

We will announce their medal and status of Hero over our live feed at the end of the day when we say farewell. 

Send your answer to

Time of actual play is 1 hour to solve the Adventure. 

Mystery Puzzle #1
The Mistress of Doom and Her Dastardly Demands

Mystery Puzzle #2
Hide Out!

Mystery Puzzle #3
Release The Chupacabra!

Mystery Puzzle #4
Beware The Lizard!

Mystery Puzzle #5
Walk The Plank!

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