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Subgenres Content Provider
Information Page

All the information needed to apply and learn about how you can become a Content Provider for Subgenres Channel can be found on this page.

Please read the information carefully.  If you wish to apply and submit possible content for the channel please use the submit button below. 

We are always looking for new Creatives to work with. Our platform is an all inclusive Creative friendly venue for Innovators and Creatives to flourish in a postive and professional environment. 


Welcome to SteamCraft where a Dynamic Duo gets into a lot of chaos making steampunk creations through costuming, props, cosplay, and random upgrades.


Featuring Marlene Kammueller, a custom picture framer who cosplays as Asgard Automaton, a steampunk robot who’s curious about the world, and Sterling Silverman, a college student who plays a mechanic named Lady Wheelsworth that guides Asgard through random adventures.

Creative Content Provider Types

Creative Content Providers, Dedicated Content Providers, and Media Artists Who Wish To Enter Into A Pay-Per-View Agreement With Subgenres Must Sign Contracts With The Channel In Which All Details Are Made Clear. 

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