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Dedicated Creative Content Provider

Creative Content Provider (Residual Payout)

Job Type

About Becoming A Creative Content Provider:

We are looking for Creatives of all kinds to contribute to our Worldwide Steampunk focused and other related genres streaming television broadcast network. All types of visual media artists are welcome to apply, we accept short films, feature films, television shows, and other media content.


Hello Future Creative Partner,

Subgenres Channel is excited to be able to send this agreement to you and create a future partnership with another fellow Creative. We love to work with other Creatives and help to bring the genre of Steampunk to the world as a significant genre in media.

Thank you for considering joining our team and making Subgenres the new home for your content.

We ask that if you join our channel and become a Dedicated Creative Content Provider you must include promotion of your show on our channel in your regular promotional activities. Let your audience know of your presence on the channel and encourage them to subscribe. It is through the subscriptions that we crowdfund you and all the other Creatives on the channel.

It is through the subscriptions that we crowdfund for you and all the other Creatives on the channel. The subscriptions keep the channel operational, as well as provide funding for The Dedicated Creative Content Provider Residual Program, subsidies, bursaries, and potential project funding to Creative Content Providers.

The Dedicated Creative Content Provider: promises a certain amount of exclusivity with Subgenres Channel. Typically a space of time between publishing their content on Subgenres Channel and publishing the content on other platforms. All content must be their own Creative property or properly licensed/permission granted for use in Broadcast Television (This includes images, graphics, music, all elements of the content).

As a Creative Content Provider you may enter into negotiations with Subgenres Channel over the possibility of having a rental fee (Pay-Per-View) placed on your content, this will develop a source of revenue for you. However, it is not equal to the Residual Payout Program. It will incur fees that involve bank transaction fees, etc. that will be subtracted from your revenue.

We do ask that the content adhere to traditional television production requirements. It must adhere to broadcast copyright/privacy restrictions and follow all industry standards. Subgenres will not accept any content containing Modern Politics or Pornography.

The show must be either half an hour or an hour in length (including credits). If it is a film it must be a feature length. We may accept a short film if it is 7 to ten minutes in length. The format that we accept our content in is H.264 or MP4. You must have a completed show that is fully produced in order to submit. We do not edit or undertake any post production work on behalf of our Content Providers.

We ask that you have a schedule and plan for a full season, a quota of how many shows will air per month, and that if you cannot maintain the agreed upon schedule you contact Subgenres Channel immediately so that scheduling complications do not occur. It is preferred that upon accepting an agreement with Subgenres Channel to be a Content Provider you have at least six shows produced and ready to air. We are willing to negotiate with Content Providers on most terms, but this must be agreed to before signing on and included in a Dedicated Creative Content Provider contract created/upon by both parties.

**A percentage of Net Profit will be paid out depending on minutes watched and number of paying subscribers views to the individual content/show/film that month. Metrics will be available upon request.**

About Subgenres Channel:

We are a Worldwide platform dedicated to giving Creatives in the Steampunk Universe opportunities in the media industry. Our platform is a positive and inclusive environment that holds to a policy of creating a safe, enjoyable, friendly, and professional place for all Steampunks to create/explore the Creative Universe.

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