You are cordially invited

to our 

High Society Afternoon Tea,

Please Join Us,

Time: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Location: Lower Hall,

Crescent Fort Rouge United Church,

525 Wardlaw Avenue,

Winnipeg, Mb

Dress Code Is In Place,

*We ask that our guests respect that we wish to keep 

this Tea Room Session an Adult Only soiree.

It is preferred that if you wish to bring a minor they are above the age of 12.

Thank you 

High Society Afternoon Tea





The Tea Room














We are hosting our High Society Afternoon Tea in the Lower Hall of the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church this year. We are hoping to be able to accommodate our mobility challenged guests. The Lower hall is situated on the Main Floor just beyond the Sanctuary.Our guests will enter an elegant setting of Victorian sophistication and ambiance. Our tables will be set with fine china tea cups and dinnerware, pretty centerpieces, and lovely tablecloths. The Tea Room is open to all, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is not a Ladies Only event. We are only offering between 18 to 25 seats.












Upon arriving each Pre-Booked Guest will be shown to their seat by our serving staff. Once there they will find their names carefully scrolled on a place card. We will do our best to make everyone feel special, everyone feel as if they are an honored guest. Our Tea Hostesses will see to our guests, seating them, and serving our lovely Tea Room Selections. We wish to take our guests back to a by gone era through a somewhat anachronistic experience. The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken understands that not all of our guests will have historically accurate costumes, so we are being very accommodating in our dress code. Please see Dress Code below. 

These events were often fueled by the ambitions of stuffy ladies' groups and their fundraising/awareness seeking ploys to keep them in the public eye when Teas were in vogue. They were occasions specifically created to give ladies of a certain social status something to do that felt important. And, a place to be seen. 

It was also an opportunity to show off one's newest fashion statement, a new Ostrich Feather hat or the latest version of the bustle. We are hoping to capture the ambiance of a High Society Tea, to give our guests an experience. However, we wish everyone to have a lovely time and since this is a Steampunk affair, do not take yourself seriously at all. In fact, please discuss the plight of the Kraken, whether Fresh Water Kraken are better babysitters than Salt Water Kraken, and just how can we convince Surly Sailors to Be Kind To Kraken. 



It is important that our guests be aware that seating is at tables of 2 or 3. The guests will be seated at tables until they are full, if you should attend solo we will seat you with another solo party. This allows everyone to mingle and provides many opportunities to chat about silly topics. This year we do not have larger tables, if you are a larger party we can seat you at tables that are beside one another. Please notify our Tea Hostesses that you would like to be seated at nearby tables. Our guests can pre-book seats through this site, just scroll down to the button provided below. Or, they can purchase a seat at the Tea Room door.


Please be warned that if you are planning on purchasing your Tea Room seats on the day of the event, you run the risk of not being admitted. It is first come, first serve and once the seats are filled we will close the doors. Seats are $25.00 per guest. This allows each guest to enjoy four tea sandwiches, four scones, and two desserts. Portions are generous, and this price includes a bottomless cup of tea or punch. Please visit our Tea Room Menu to peruse this year's offerings, we are bringing back some of last year's favorites.













High Tea Vs. Afternoon Tea:


Please go to this website for an explanation of the differences between these Teas/meals and the common misunderstanding of the two. We are purposely using the term Afternoon Tea to describe our light menu and activities for the Tea Room Session. 



Dress Code:


We are requesting that our guests dress to impress. It is not required that our guests wear a Steampunk costume. However, we do ask that all our guests refrain from wearing jeans, t-shirts, or casual street dress. Please wear clothing appropriate for a fancy afternoon soiree, this is your chance to be a fashion statement. We encourage our guests to put themselves into the head space of a Victorian Nouveau Riche Socialite, don a fancy hat, pull on some pretty gloves, and have fun being a Fuddy Duddy. 


How To Pre-Book A Seat:


The cost of a single seat booking is $25 at the door, or if you etransfer or pay cash. It is $25.75 for a seat booking if paying through online payment processes through this site. We have provided a button at the bottom of the page to take you to the Tea Room Session Seat Bookings.


When arriving our guests must come to the Tea Registration Table stationed at the entrance to the Tea Room. Each Pre-Booked guest's name will be on the guest list, once our guests have checked in, they will be shown to their seats. Any guests who have not pre-booked their seat will be allowed to purchase their seat at the door. Please be aware that all pre-booked guests will be seated first.  









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An Example Of The Place-Settings.

Our Delightful Serving Staff 


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