Creating A Community of Likeminded Souls

A Motely Group of Fans From Many Genres, One Website, Add A Dreamer. And What Do You Get?

I am often called a dreamer and a person with grand impractical visions. It has been my lot in life to suffer from a lofty imagination and a thirst for creative adventure. My partner often listens to my schemes with a practiced patience. His reply? Most often is a small sigh and the usual advice with caveats and warnings not to get my hopes too high. He often adds that my vision and what is actually possible within the bounds of reality are not necessarily as compatible as I may hope. But, I don't let that dampen my spirit!

I just smile sweetly at him and say "The internets is magic my dear. To the Internets and beyond!"

Mike, my beleaguered (but beloved) mate is an author, a 40K Tournament/Event Organizer, a jack of all trades, my go to man, and my better half. Or, my voice of reason, lol. He has been by my side in all of my varied shenanigans throughout the last ten years. It is with a heart full of gratitude that I can say he has been the greatest supporter of all the crazy things I dream up. And, an active participant in all things Subgenres. He now simply shrugs, and says "What will it be next M'Lady?"

I have always wanted to share my love of the various genres and ideas for events with likeminded souls. Kindred spirits in imagination and adventure. I thought that creating an online international hub of communities would be a splendid way of reaching out across the globe and meeting fellow adventurers. Hence my merry band of motley fandom enthusiasts, all of you, and this patchwork of a site that hosts this little pocket universe of communities.

This website, Subgenres, has been a labour of love for me for at least four years now. I add to it, develop new features and elements, and use it to let people know about all the various activities that are going on with the different communities that I create. I hope with each edit that new people will visit and come to want to join in the fun.

Managing a website, learning all the different ins and outs of website design, and figuring out the various features that can be offered to my guests is an ongoing challenge. But, I persevere, in the hopes that my guests will come to love the small universe I am creating here for them and become denizens of the various groups.

It takes time and energy to create a little pocket dimension of Fandom. I have spent years developing this website and the things found within it. Some I have discarded and some I have kept. I am still working at new content, as well as always looking for ways to add unique elements to the various communities.

I know that some visitors will enjoy this little universe and there will be some that I will not be able to interest. And, that is ok. The ones that find a home here are very welcome and the ones that decide to just pass through are equally welcome to visit for a short while.

I hope that I interest some and inspire them to join me here in creating a thriving hub of communities. Fun loving folks who enjoy the many different genres and events like me. The more the merrier, I always say and I look forward to seeing the wonderful motley crew of kindred spirits that end up members here.

I promise to always keep working away at making Subgenres a welcoming and interesting place to visit. There is much more events and content I wish to share with all of you. So, please keep coming back and checking for more shenanigans. We have so much more to share!

We are working away on a series called Cooking With Time and hope to add it to our online content in the New Year.


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