*You must pre-order this product, cut off date is May 30th. We need at least 10 days to order your bracelet in. 


This charming little sterling silver raven charm and bracelet is part of our fundraising campaign this year. The 2019 charm is part of a set that is being sold as an extra cool feature of the Tea. The set includes a 3mm Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet (7.5 Inches) and the 2019 Raven charm. 


We have included the admission into the price of the full set so when you wear it to the event all you have to do is show the Registration desk in lieu of a paper ticket. Please make sure to wear it at all times at the event, it is your proof of admission payment. 


You can purchase the charm or chain seperate from the Admission Fundraising Silver Bracelet Set.  You are welcome to do so. 




This is a fundraising element of the event, so if you wish to purchase the chain seperately you still need to also purchase a regular admission as well. The Raven Charm 2019 has the admission built into the price of charm.


*If you should purchase the set, regular admission is included in the price, so you are not expected to pay for admission twice. 

2019 Sterling Silver Fundraising Admission Bracelet Set

SKU: brace2018
  • This is a sterling silver Figaro style bracelet and silver charm. The length is 7.25 to 7.5" and the weight of the chain is 3.0mm per link. 


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