Welcome To Our Ode To Poe

4th Annual Tea and Ladies Bazaar 


Performers On The Main Stage:


Featured Performer of the 2019 Tea:

Natasha Klassen (AKA Ms. Stella Mumford), President of The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken, 1:00pm 

Natasha Klassen donned the persona of Ms. Stella Mumford years ago for a silly Winnipeg Fringe. It seems Stella has stuck and she is determined to stay. 

This year our guests will enjoy a truly unique twist on Mummy Unwrapping, Stella's specialty. The Tea this year is an "Ode To Poe" so make sure you come and see how we "Poe it up". And, as always, there will be a prize for the audience member who guesses the true identity of our mummy. 

Natasha Klassen is a seasoned performer, she started as a professional actress, now she does everything including fixing the kitchen sink. She enjoys creating experiences, and her Mummy Unwrappings have become an "experience".


One part improv, the other part silly facts, tidbits of trivia which are expressed in a oddly Victorian way. Ms. Mumford's Unwrappings poke fun at the absurdity of unwrapping mummies in one's parlor with tea and scones. The Mummy Unwrapping is a cheeky nod to the ignorance of the Era. They even believed eating Mummy Dust was good for one's constitution, Oh! Those Victorians!

Join Stella at 1:00 pm in the Upper Hall for a truly delightful performance that involves much audience participation, charms, curses, blessing, and all things mummy. See if you can sort out the silly trivia from true fact. 

You may get charmed.

Our Resident Musician:

Michael Cutler 3:00pm

Michael Cutler is an honored member of the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken. He has graciously entertained Society members and our friends since last year's Tea. He is a consummate musician and has a great knowledge of the Pipe Organ, Victorianna, and just how to entertain a Steamy crowd. We are so fortunate to have him return this year again to play the Pipe Organ for us.

Winnipeg native Michael Cutler is a lifelong musician, having begun piano lessons at age four. After being introduced to the organ in his adolescence, he realized he had found the right instrument for him. Organ studies with Barry Anderson, Lawrence Ritchey and Lottie Enns-Braun led to a Bachelor's degree in music in 2005 from the University of Manitoba. Mike also holds an ARCT diploma in piano performance and became an Associate of the RCCO in 2010.


Since September 2014, Mike has been the music director at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church and is and has been an accompanist for several community and school choirs. He has sung with the Winnipeg Singers and been rehearsal accompanist for Camerata Nova and the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Mike is also an active composer and arranger.


Outside of music, Mike is also an amateur author, a member of the Let's Play community, a fine tour guide and a pleasant dinner guest. He is married to Winnipeg filmmaker Justina Neepin, and the two of them have just welcomed baby Charlotte in to the world.

Michael Cutler


Scheduled Seminars:

Coding For Cosplay:

Facilitator Adrian Cheater

12:30 to 2:00pm, In Grinder's Market Seminar Area,

Sitting Fee is: $10, Please Pay Facilitator Directly On The Day Of The Seminar


Bio: Adrian Cheater is an 18 year veteran of the video game industry, who has been programming all manner of things since she was 8. Her transition has sparked an interest in cosplay and how to join her love of technology with fashion, fiber arts, and prop making.



This one hour course will introduce you to the Adafruit Circuit Python Express. A feature packed device which offers lots of options for projects while also able to connect with other items to power whatever ideas your imagination can conceive.


We will cover:

Programming in CircuitPython

Controlling and animating the LEDs

Making sounds

Responding to input


Materials Needed:

Adafruit Circuit Python Express (https://www.adafruit.com/product/3333)

Laptop with Mu Editor software installed (https://learn.adafruit.com/welcome-to-circuitpython/installing-mu-editor)


Cost Breakdown:

$10 CDN For session (Payable at course time)

$24.95 USD + Shipping for Adafruit Circuit Python Express (Purchased in advance)


Contact Adrian at @itsaddis on twitter, @wpgFactoid on Instagram, or at adrian.cheater@gmail.com if you have questions or need assistance getting setup prior to the workshop.

Please go to Addis Makes at https://youtu.be/LfzD5kzSAmA to see all the cool projects that Adrian is building.

Herbal Allies For Nervous Conditions:

Stacy Klassen,

2:00 pm, In the Grinder's Market Seminar Area,

Sitting Fee is: $25, please pay the Facilitator Directly On The Day Of The Seminar

This is a 90 min seminar that teaches Herbal Allies for Nervous Conditions. I use so many in teas, tinctures, body oils, etc that is love to share!! We all could benefit from our plant friends as we are all suffering from anxiety, depression, etc!

Seminar On Writing Subgenres:

Casia Schreyer,

3:30pm, In the Grinder's Market Seminar Area

Steampunk Seminar/Talk:

Punked Genres

Local author, Casia Schreyer, will take you on a stroll through alternate timelines, from a Steampunk Victorian era to the Green-punk of post-millennial futurism and everything in between. Take a look at how technology, pop-culture, and politics shaped the alternate timelines of the punk genres, how each punk-era is defined, and how the genre continues to evolve.

About the Speaker

Casia Schreyer is from southeast Manitoba. She writes a variety of genres and is desperately working her way through a pile of projects so she can begin work on a fantasy steampunk mystery series. This is Casia’s second year at the Steampunk Tea and Ladies Bazaar. She will be in the Grinder’s Market at the Ye Olde Time Traveller’s Book Store with a wide selection of fantastical tomes from past, present, and future.

How To Properly "Bitch The Pot":

Natasha Klassen,

3:45 pm, This Lecture Will Be Performed At The High Society Afternoon Tea

Ms. Mumford, in all her Society Style will show our Afternoon High Tea Guests how to properly pour a cup of Tea and other secrets of a Victorian Socialite. "Bitching the Pot" is a term used in the Victorian Era that translates to pouring a pot of tea with friends. 


Radio Play:


Performed Live in the Lower Main Hall at 2:00 pm (Limited Seating - Rush Seating)


*** Please Note: This is not for children, we will only allow audience members that are +13. There is some minor violence and is not child friendly. Thank you for your understanding.

This year we are performing a live radio play for our guests.

Please be aware audience seating will be minimal. We are anticipating a seating of 15 -20 persons depending on the turn out. It is first come, first serve, or rush seating. If you have pre-paid and wish to reserve a seat please let us know.


We chose this room for maximum sensory deprivation, no outside noise, light, or distraction. This is to ensure that our guests can enjoy the play to the max. Use your mind to fill in the sets, costumes, etc. and just let the adventure take you away with the power of your imagination. Just like Radio Plays were meant to be experienced, completely immersed in the story.

Bi-Poe-Larity is a Time Traveling/Inter-Dimensional Romp through the Time Continuum.  This play is the second of a series of Steampunk radio plays based on the Inn Finit Universe. You will never think of Edgar Allan Poe the same. Yes, he makes an appearance, but you might be surprised just how.

The script was written by Natasha Klassen. It is an original script that follows our ragtag heroes through Time bending adventures in the Inn Finit Universe. This series is written especially for the Tea and each year we will add a new episode. This summer the first and second episodes of the Inn Finit Series are due to be recorded at Dacapo Production Studios. They will be available for download later in the Fall on Subgenres.net. Don't miss the live performance, the experience is just not as thrilling if it isn't live. 


Natasha has written a number of drama and theatrical pieces in the last seven years. She has produced them and also performed in them. Natasha is an artist, writer, performer, actress, producer, director, and still is looking for other things to try her hand at. 

Our Cast:




                                                                                                Jacques Leger plays Jonathan Steel






Jacques is a competent young man who has many interests. Why the Hell did he choose acting? He loves Dinosaurs, comic books, book-books, dancing, Spiderman, punk rock, playing the drums, doing taekwondo, and watching movies. He wants to become a Professional Filmaker because it's the last item on his list of interests, (meaning it's the most important). Jacques is also an oddball who practices doing voices in the bathroom mirror when everyone else is trying to sleep. A meal he might make for himself could potentially include raw carrot sticks, Cheetos, a bowl of frozen blueberries, and a left over samosa heated to perfection in a microwave. What does, "go well together," even mean anyway? This not to say Jacques doesn't like to cook, he's actually not bad at it! He's just too lazy. I meant messy! I meant busy! All true. He's acted professionally never, but some people were crazy enough to hire him when he decided to start just over a year ago. Hollywood and Broadway are good and all, but independent theatre and student short films are his preferred Niche. He wouldn't want to be too high profile would he? Less noise, more art that way. In all seriousness, I am super excited to be in this show and am thankful to get the chance to be doing what I love to do. Thank you, and enjoy Bi-Poe-Larity!






                                                        Milan Janzic plays Good Edgar Allan Poe/Bad Edgar Allan Poe                                                                                     






Milan has worked as a voice actor for the Manitoba Museum for their urban exhibit. He has also voiced on the audio drama the Midnight Case files as well as the Elder Scrolls Skyrim Mod: Legend of the Blue Dragon. Fluent in English and Dutch, Milan is also experienced in singing using false chords and the fry register.







                                                                                   Karam Doud plays Sarah (Maid)/Virginia Allan Poe






Karam is a Moroccan-born actress, who played numerous roles varying from army generals to teenage stalkers. More recently, she was a part of her first feature film in 2019 coming out soon to Canadian festivals. Fluent in English, French and Arabic, she sings and plays the piano and violin. Karam has always been a fervent Theatre actor, and has been a part of multiple productions in Winnipeg (watch out for Fringe 2019!). She also happens to be a big fan of World of Warcraft when she is not filling her spare time with her mechanical engineering job.



Doug Nicholson - Doug Nichol

Mike - Michael Major







                                                       Natasha Klassen plays Saran D. Pitty






 Natasha returns in the role of Inn Keeper and Time Travel adventurer Saran D. Pitty. She is thrilled to be voicing this role once more and bringing the second episode of the Inn Finit Series to the guests of The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken's Tea and Ladies' Bazaar. Natasha worked in the professional realm of acting for many years from an early age. After taking an 18 year hiatus from acting to raise her son, she is returning with her own spin on things. She is an experienced Theatre, Film, and Voice actor. Natasha also writes, produces, and directs short films through her production company Subgenres. 




Costume promenade and Contest: Takes the Stage at 4:30pm

We welcome our guests at the event to sign up for the costume promenade. 

during the Costume Promenade we will announce the name/persona of each guest and if they made the costume themselves. also We will let the audience know what type of Steampunk they are representing. 

After all participants have had there 2 mins of fame, we will let the audience judge which costume they thought was the best, second best, and the most DIY. 

The winners of the Costume contest will receive a ribbon and a small prize.


Come out and show off your Steamy best, we would love to see your amazing creations. 

Closing ceremonies: Takes the Mainstage at 4:30pm Along with the Costume Contest

At 4:30pm we will hold our closing ceremonies. It is when we will be giving away the silent auction prizes, the trophies/ribbons for Croquet Champion, Parasol Dueling Expert, Gun modder Extraordinaire, and Most Accomplished Inventor/Tinkerer.


We would also like to share our gratitude with our guests by thanking them for attending. Our performers, volunteers, and seminar facilitators will also get a chance to come up on stage for a rowdy round of applause. 


Event Itinerary

Event Itinerary

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

At 9 am,

The Crescent Fort rouge United Church

The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken’s

Tea and Ladies’ Bazaar

Opens The Ginder's Market Free to the Public 9 am to 12pm,


The Outside Activities Are Accessible Without Admission Fees All Day, 

Please come and join us


Children’s Activities

9 am to 5 pm - In the Carnival Games Area Outside,

After 1 pm – Inside Children’s Activities Begin

In the Second Alcove in the Upper Hall,

The Children's area is Free and only for children under 12

All Children must be attended by an adult

We will not take responsibility for the care and welfare of your children.


Children’s Activities:

-Pirate eye Patch craft (Inside 12-5pm)

-Pin the tentacle on the Kraken (Outside 9am-5pm)

  -Old fashioned games (Outside 9am-5pm)

(marbles, jacks, cat’s cradle)

-Find your steampunk name (Inside12-5pm)

    2:00pm - Airship Piñata (Outside)





Outside Activities:


10 am - 12 pm steampunk Picnic/Free Admittance


All steampunk’s welcome

 come and enjoy the church grounds.

 Please bring Lawn chairs, blankets, etc




9 am to 5 pm - Tea Cup Shooting Gallery, High Striker,

Dunk Bucket, Extreme Croquet

1:30pm - Valour Historical European Martial Arts Academy will be performing a dueling Demonstration outside




Inside Activities:

12 pm - Penny Farthing Cafe and

Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market

opens to convention guests

Dueling parasols and Victorian Voguing

We start parasol dueling on the stage at 12:15 pm

12:30 pm – Seminars Begin (please refer to Programming Page In Main Menu)

1 pm – Gun-Modding Tables are Open for Public Viewing

1:00 pm - Mummy Unwrapping on Mainstage

2:00pm - Radio Play Performance in the Lower Hall 

12 pm to 5:00 pm– Photo Booth

3:00 pm - Presenting our Favorite Master of the Pipe Organ, Michael Cutler  


4:30PM - Costume Promenade and Judging

4:30PM – Trophies, Raffle, Contest prizes, and Door Prizes Awarded



We Hope to see all our Steampunk Friends there!




We may be offering more activities,

We are still in the process of negotiating with further

Vendors and Entertainers,





Please keep checking our Website for more information



      For further developments.


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