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We are holding a fun and hilarious fundraiser Sadie Hawkins style,
Tinder has nothing on Sadie.... 
The Ladies take charge!

The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken has never been able to do things the way everyone else does. So, when we were planning the appropriate silly activity to hold a fundraising event around we hit upon our dear friend Sadie Hawkins. Why not turn the concept of dating on its head?

We will be including more details of all the shenanigans that will be included in our Sadie Hawkins Night on the website in the next week or two. Please check with the website for further updates, as well as Facebook group called The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken.

The main feature to the event will be the "Best Date Ever Auction". In which you can place bids on dates that the ladies submit to our panel. The ladies provide a short description of what they believe would be the "Best Date Ever" if they were in charge. If the date sounds like an experience you would enjoy you can bid on a chance to be introduced to the person who submitted the date.

We wish to be very clear that no one is obligated to actually go on the date with the person who provided the "Best Date Ever" submission, or the person who won the bidding for it. If you wish to be introduced and chat that is completely up to the submitter and the winner of the bid. You don't even have to meet up if that is preferred. It is our goal to create a fun and harmless event, please respect this intent.

This activity is purely to help fund raise for The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken's Tea and Ladies' Bazaar on June 13th, 2020. All funds will go towards supporting and promoting the Tea. We will also contribute a percentage of the proceeds to a local women's shelter for their fundraising efforts to raise money for a stacking washer and dryer.

Any form of abuse or harassment is not appropriate.

Where Did Sadie Hawkins Come from?

For an excellent introduction to the long tradition of Sadie Hawkins Day please check out this blog:
Sadie Hawkins Traditions:

There are many regional Sadie Hawkins Day traditions if you look them up on google, or talk to someone 

who used to go to Sadie Hawkins events. We have decided to incorporate some of them in our event.

You are welcome to join along with us in the fun or just come and enjoy the evening. 

First Sadie Hawkins Tradition
"Best Date Ever" Auction
Shoe Box Picnic Auction



There are several Sadie Hawkins Day traditions that we will encourage our guests at the Sadie Hawkins Night event to have a lot of fun with. This one is the "Best Date Ever" auction. Our twist on the Shoe Box Picnic Auction.

Please remember that they are purely for fun and do not in anyway endorse any negative attitudes or behaviors. We would like to also say that we encourage all couples to take part in the night. This is for people who just want to have a bit of fun, if you wish to be single then celebrate it.

You can submit a "Best Date Ever" for those who wish to be single. The date can be what you think would be the "Best Date Yourself" idea ever. People who wish to remain solidly single and proud of it can bid on it. We support you!

If you wish to choose a guy or a gal to bid on your date, we will allow you to specify. No one is obligated to any commitment or to even speak to the person who won the bidding on their date. This is a way of raising money, we do not condone "buying" someone.

"Best Date Ever" Auction:

We will allow our guests to submit their idea of a "Best Date Ever" if they were the ones running the show. This will be at a cost of $2 and we will read the date out and allow the audience to bid on it. The person who wins the bid gets the opportunity to be introduced to the person who submitted the date. The person who submitted the date will not be revealed until after the date has been won. The "Best Date Ever" auction will start at 8:30pm to give people time to arrive and fill out their forms. 

When auctioning off the "Best Date Ever" submissions we will hold two different colored papers while reading them out. If you are a lady who wishes to offer her date to just men the paper will be white, if you are a lady who wishes to offer her date to another gal, or both genders, we will hold up a yellow piece of paper. The yellow paper tells the audience that there is a specified sexual preference.

Guys can bid on guys looking a perfect date as well. We will read out the preference when we start to auction the date. We are doing this to allow all people the opportunity to join in on the fun.

We will be providing an online form below for our guests to fill out if they wish to submit beforehand. The best date idea will also be given a prize, so get creative and have fun. 

Shoe Box Picnic Submission:

This is a traditional Sadie Hawkins practice. You can pack a shoe box with a picnic and we will auction it off in the "Best Date Ever" Auction. Please remember to include your name and also the activities of the date that includes consuming the picnic with the winner of the bid.



This is usually a small meal shared by the person who packed the picnic and the person who won the bid in the auction for it.

We have offered just the submission of an idea, instead of the picnic because we know that not everyone is going to want to make a shoe box picnic. However, if you should wish to include the picnic we will have a table for such submissions.

You can have a lot of fun with the shoe box picnic. The box can be decorated and have fun stuff inside. Just please do not include anything that might be offensive. And, if there are allergens in the food you must label the box.  We strongly advise that anything packed in the Shoebox Picnic should not be a perishable item that needs refrigeration.

The most appetizing shoe box picnic will win a prize.

Please bring your Shoebox Picnic to the panel table to present to 

our judges and allow for our guests to look it over before it is 

put up for bid at the auction. 

Dogpatch Duos
Calling All Couples!!!

We will be holding a The Best Dogpatch Duo contest at the Sadie Hawkins Night. What is a The Best Dogpatch Duo?

We are pulling the name right out of Lil' Abner!

It is a long tradition to dress up in complimentary costumes as a couple for a Sadie Hawkins Night. Since we are going with the Hillbilly Theme in an homage to Lil' Abner it is only appropriate that we have a The Best Dogpatch Duo Contest. You don't have to dress in the Hill Billy Theme to be entered into the contest. Just as long as you are a pair of people dressed in complimentary costumes. 

Come in matching costumes as a couple and you can enter for The Best Dogpatch Duo. The winners will win a
"Lady and The Tramp Dinner for Two" prize package from The Old Spagetti Factory, and they can have their very own Lady and The Tramp moment.









Come out and join the Hootenanny!!

Balloon Corsages
Get them while supplies last!!!

The third Sadie Hawkins Tradition is a balloon corsage. We will be offering these corsages for sale at the event. You can purchase one for $5 for your sweetie. These corsages are part of the fundraising effort, no one is obligated to purchase one, they are there for fun.

You are welcome to make your own balloon corsages for your fella and wear them at the venue.

If you wish to pre-order a corsage for the Sadie Hawkins Night please contact us at: or 204-292-9599.

We will make sure to have one set aside for you on the evening of the event.








Our friend Charles 'Sleepy' Lauder will be creating these great balloon creations.

Thanks So Much Charles!!!!

shoe box picnic 2.jpg
shoe box picnic 3.jpg
lil abner2.jpg
ballon 1.jpg
ballon 3.jpg
balloon 4.jpg
balloon 2.jpg

Once we have received payment for your submission we will post it here on the Subgenres website for our guests to read and enjoy. 
This will generate interest in bidding on your submission at the Sadie Hawkins Night. We will only publish the actual description of the date, never the personal information of the submitter. 

It is $2.50 to submit a "Best Date Ever".  

Thank you for your kind donation and support of our fundraiser.