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To All The Steampunks of the World:

Groups, Artists, Authors, Inventors, Costumers....

We will be creating a Steampunkin' Around The World: Showcase Map. Discover here on our site a special page with a world map that will showcase all the awesome kindred spirits in punk out there around the world.

We invite Steampunk artists, writers, groups, costumers, inventors, kindred spirits, to send us a short video that we can place on the world map. It can be made on a smart phone or more advanced, we are not picky. Just introduce yourselves to us and the world.

The video should be relatively short, but we want to know about your group, or you, the place you are from, and what Steampunk means to you.

An icon of your town, city, place will be put on the map with a link that when visitors to our site and our convention tap on it, your video will appear. Hopefully by June 12th we will have a map full of Steamy friends.


We look so forward to seeing all of you.

Please send your submission to:

Thank you so very much in advance.

We hope to see you represented on our Steampunkin' Around The World Showcase Map.

Steampunk Around The World Map

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