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June 12th, 2021

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Greetings And Introductions



Good Day To You!

We have been expecting you. Welcome to our humble convention space here on Subgenres.net. Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken. The Society, better known as SETK, is a small group of Steampunks from Winnipeg, Manitoba. We may be small in number, but we have a great amount of spirit. Every year we hold our convention The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken's Tea and Bazaar for fellow Steampunk enthusiasts on the second weekend of June.

You can find us on Facebook at:



This year A Tea In The Clouds is our online version of what we typically offer at our in-person events and yearly convention. It is due to the worldwide plague that we must use the greatest caution, think of our dear guests and friends in Steam, and remain here online until the world becomes safe for gatherings once more. 

We miss seeing all of you in person, but this is the next best thing. It is a joyous wonder this internets thing that allows us to still celebrate the fantastic universe of Steampunk together through circuits, wires, and on the wings of the invisible beast called the WiFi. Our greatest desire is to have Steampunkers from around the world join us here on June 12th, 2021 for some good, honest, steamy shenanigans. It is a way of spending time together so that all of us can feel a little less like the "only Steampunk in town". 

Please check in frequently to catch up on all the updates and news we hope to share in the coming months. We have so many Steampunky activities in store for our guests on June 12th. It is our goal to represent the many varied subgenres of Steampunk with our audience. Pirates, Burlesque, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Victorian, Airships, and much more. The universe of Steampunk is rich and diverse, there is something for everyone in this genre. 

Please join us on the 12th of June!

We look forward to enjoying the day with all of you.

Steampunkin' Around The World:
Showcase Map

To All The Steampunks of the World:

Groups, Artists, Authors, Inventors, Costumers....

We will be creating a Steampunkin' Around The World: Showcase Map. Discover here on our site a special page with a world map that will showcase all the awesome kindred spirits in punk out there around the world.

We invite Steampunk artists, writers, groups, costumers, inventors, kindred spirits, to send us a short video that we can place on the world map. It can be made on a smart phone or more advanced, we are not picky. Just introduce yourselves to us and the world. The video should be relatively short, but we want to know about your group, or you, the place you are from, and what Steampunk means to you.

An icon of your town, city, place will be put on the map with a link that when visitors to our site and our convention tap on it, your video will appear. Hopefully by June 12th we will have a map full of Steamy friends. We look so forward to seeing all of you.

Please send your submission to:


Thank you so very much in advance.

Special Guests:

Parisian Steampunk Maestros

Victor Sierra

Catch Victor Sierra's Live Stream Performance 
3:00pm CT
On the Live Stream Page
of the Online Convention

Guest Performers

Victorian Horror Troupe


Live Stream Performance


7:00pm CT

On the Live Stream Page

of the Online Convention

A Wonderful Adventure

Theatre Company 

Halie and George of the A Wonderful Adventure Theatre Company are crafting a lovely and fun video adapted from novel by Jules Verne 80 Days Around The World. They are creating this adaptation just for our online convention. You will be able to enjoy it on the Programming page of the convention on June 12th, 2021.

We are so looking forward to watching it with you!

Ms. Mumford's Marvelous Mummy Unwrapping

Ms. Mumford is bringing the mummy home to Subgenres. She will be performing a

special mummy unwrapping just for us this year.


You can join us in the great unwrapping here on the Programming page of the online convention. 


Don't miss the grand unveiling! 

Guest Authors

Beth Daniels/
Nied Darnell

These are only a selection of the books that have been written by Beth Daniels, Pen Name Nied Darrell. You can find more out about Beth by following the link below. 

We are thrilled to have Beth joining us this year. She has graciously volunteered to join our Subgenres Forum on June 12th, 2021 to answer questions and discuss writing for Steampunk and Alternate History with our convention guests. 

Please join Beth on June 12th and make sure to drop in to the Forum to say hello. 

John R. White

John R. White is a personal friend of mine. I got to know John while I was a member of the Steampunk Empire. It is so lovely to be able to introduce all of our guests to my friend this year.

You can enjoy a reading a chapter by John from his most recent book on June 12th, 2021.

Please follow the link below to learn more about John and his works. 

Victoria Szulc

Victoria was our Special Guest Author at last year's Tea. We love her so much we brought her back again. 

Please follow the link below to find out more about our dear Victoria.

Gary Ruse

We are pleased to introduce Gary Ruse to all of our guests. Gary is new to the Tea, but certainly has years of experience writing. He will be sending his contribution to the Tea this year for us to enjoy on June 12th, 2021. For more information on Gary Ruse please follow the link provided. 

Please safe the date and come to check out all that Gary has for us. We are very excited!

We Don't Just Do Silly Things,

We Also Make Silly Things!


Please enjoy our Steampunk themed commercial we shot a few years ago for Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets. It was a huge amount of shenanigans and we enjoyed making it. 

We make custom gift baskets and we go all out to make our customers

feel they got their gears worth.




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