The Henderson's Directorate


Welcome to the Henderson's Directorate

We will be adding our group information in the coming two weeks. 

This group is about celebrating local history. Our members will use the Henderson's Directory to find an actual former resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba and adopt them as a persona. 


The group is a time travelling association. So, the members will be encouraged to time travel back to the past in Manitoba and take photos to prove it. That means create photos that look like they were taken in the time period you claim to have travelled to. You are asked to use a moniker to identify yourself as a time traveler in the photos. For example, a member can use a ear bud left in their ear as a moniker to identify them as time travelers in the photos.  Very small details that show they are from another time. This is an homage to the Time Traveller photos found on the internet that are meant to prove that time travel exists.  

More information on the group, how it works, membership, and activities/events are coming soon, please check back frequently.