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of the 

The Young Crytos

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Hello, and welcome to the Young Cryptos.

We are out there....... 

All over the province of Manitoba.

We are a fun group of adventurers and explorers who are young at heart.  Don't let the name fool you, we are a group of amateur Cryptozoologists in which our members vary from all ages. Every summer we plan an expedition to a new corner of the province to discover what is out there. 

Last year we went to Bird's Hill Park Lake and searched for Stanley the Lake Monster of Bird's Hill Park. And, we had a blast finding irrefutable evidence that Stanley exists. We were hoping to go out and make contact with Big Foot this summer but the Pandemic kinda made that difficult. With all the Social Distancing and such, we simply didn't want to put the big guy in harm's way. 

We will be planning further expeditions for the summer of 2021. So, please come back to our secret home base here on Subgenres to see what we have in store for our intrepid investigators.