The 4th Annual Tea And Ladies' Bazaar's

Grinder's Underground

Steampunk Black Market

















The Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market 

(Or, The Grinder's Market) 


The Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market is Winnipeg's only Steampunk "black" market. Well, actually, Canada's only Steampunk "black" Market if we wish to be exact. It is a market like no other. The Grinder's have, after a century of subversive activity, decided to open their secret esteemed and exclusive trade association, (underground fencing...cough... operation) to the general public. It is a market where Steampunkers can seek the odd and the exotic trinkets from all over the Time Continuum.

We encourage our guests to poke through the stranger things, make sure to let the vendors know you are seeking the "Good Stuff", but beware of the Inspectors. They are always looking to shut a good thing down. Don't let them catch you with contraband that has slipped through the veil that separates us from other dimensions. 

The portal to the Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market takes you through to the pocket dimension we so fondly refer to as The Grinder's. You will recognize this portal as it looks like a door to an underground secret bunker. In future years we will allow our guests access to the Port End, a secret Speak Easy where time travelers and space bandits meet.


The Port End is situated in a sector of The Grinder's that exists in several pocket dimensions at once, a point in which they all converge. This secret rendezvous point, however, is very difficult to acquire access to, due to many of the regulars are members of the select group known as the "Galaxy's Most Wanted" for crimes against the Continuum. Thus, we must first see how our guests enjoy The Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market before we let just anyone into the Port End, we have a certain reputation to uphold. 

In order to enter the Grinder's Underground Steampunk Market you must first get past the henchman at the door. Knock three times to get him to open the Mechanical Iris Peephole in the door. If you give the right gesture as the password he will beckon you in. Have no fear, if you are a True Steampunk "Stick To The Man" type you will be able to read the sign by the door and guess the password gesture.










Once inside remember to barter like a Used Zeppelin Salesman and you may just get a gem of a deal. 


The Blues & The Reds

We are finally able to let our guests in on one of the secrets of the Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market. The Vendors and Regulars that frequent The Subgenres Bunker are called Grinders. These Grinders are made up of two factions, The Blues & The Reds. This is just a fun twist on the Market, participation is not mandatory.


Now, with any underground movement there is always the more academic, or intellectual types, who like to dream about the grand ideals of a movement, the philosophy. To them the movement is something beautiful that rarely survives contact with Humans. They are the Blues (Blue Sky Types), the brains and dreamers.


Here is where The Reds come in. They are the Grinder's who are Humans that lofty ideas seem like a waste of breathe and time to, when there are fires to be set in Revolutionaries hearts. Hence The Reds (The Fire In The Streets).  

Each Vendor, or Regular, is able to choose which faction they wish to be a member of. Or, like Perfect Sentiments, they can be neutral, aligned to neither party. Each Vendor below will have an emblem in the upper right hand corner of their Vendor Profile that will identify which faction they are a part of.


Another way you will be able to identify which faction they are aligned with is by their Vendor Badges, the Gear will be Blue or Red. Our Inspector is there to keep the peace between the factions and root out sources of Contraband. 

All Neutral Vendors will wear purple gears on their badges and have purple emblems in their Vendor Profiles.


The Mechanical Iris

Grinder's Market Bunker Door

The Inspector

Important Event Information:
The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken's Tea and Ladie's Bazaar


Hello My Dear Artsy Folk,

Please know that every year I strive to make the administration, organization, and process of providing services to my most beloved vendors less of a hassle, more convenient, and more advantageous to them. I wish you to know that I too was a vendor, a goldsmith and a gift basket vendor for 10 years before creating this event. I understand your needs, concerns, and I do have great empathy for you.

I listened to what my vendors had to say last year about the Grinder's Market and did my utmost to address their concerns. This year I decided to try to make the registration and payment process more efficient and fluid, with little confusion.

And, of course technology always finds a way to throw a wrench in the works. I have studied the app that I have decided to use this year. It appears that the only way that I can insure that my vendors can vary their price in relation to the size of space and if they have need of a table is by making the payment a "donation". This way my vendors can choose the Vendor Space price they prefer and add a table if needed.

When you fill out the form for Vendor Registration please be aware that PayPal will process your payment as a donation. Do not be alarmed. It seems to be the only way that I can allow you to choose which price you wish to pay.

If you wish to rent a table or be placed outdoors I will announce on the Vendor Page just how many available spots we have for outdoor vendors, with updates on how many we have left as the event approaches. We can only fit about five to six vendors along the wrought iron fence that is alongside the sidewalk. Vendors wanting to have one of these spaces are responsible to provide their own chairs, tables, and tents. It is on a first come, first serve and you must pay in order to have the spot reserved. Once we have filled all the outdoor spaces, you will be placed indoors.

I will also announce how many rental tables of the two different sizes (6ft x 2.5ft or 8ft x 2.5ft) the church can provide. The table rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Once they have been rented we will not be able to help provide one for you.

Also, please note that the back door to the basement should be available to load in and out through this year. Last year the film company that was using the church did not move their truck away from this entrance. This year I am happy to announce that there will be no film production company using the church. And the back door should be accessible.

I ask that all vendors print out, not only their contracts, but also the map of the Grinder's Market. This will insure that there is no confusion on set up day. The Vendor Rep that will be in the Market this year WILL come will the map and a list of the vendors (and the vendor sizes, if they rented a table, what size of table). We ask, however, that because there may be a large amount of vendors this year, please make sure you have recorded this information for yourself to lessen the confusion.

We have been actively trying to raise awareness for this event this year. You may have seen our table at the various conventions and events this last year. We are still a fledgling event and are still building our audience. It is our top priority to bring more customers to the market.

However, we are still a fairly small convention. If you wish to vend at the market this year we ask that you take this into consideration. Also, be aware that other larger events will often schedule their event on the Tea weekend. We hope to one day be an event that people Save The Date for and see it as a yearly activity.

We have some awesome and dedicated vendors who have been incredibly gracious and understanding about this. For their great kindness and loyalty, we wish them to know our eternal gratitude.

It would be a great benefit if our vendors also spread the word that they will be vending at this event. Let as many people as possible know about our convention. If you wish to help, we are always in great need for people to post about our event on social media and also put up posters around Winnipeg.

Please note that we strive every year to put the needs and concerns of our vendors first. We must work within our means and resources. We request that you address any issues you may have with us privately in a private message, email, phone call, or in person on a date other than the day of the Tea.

I love to talk to my vendors face to face, so please feel welcome to arrange a coffee. The day of the event is not the most appropriate time to corner an event organizer and complain. Last year there were a number of issues that we were not able to appropriately address due to the inability to explain why there may have been issues. We simply did not have the time and our vendors did not choose to speak with us directly.

The church has not had the funds or opportunity to build a lift in the facility, however, this year we have gone to extra expense to give the vendors more time to load in and out (Friday evening is available). We have also made sure that the back entrance to the basement will be clear and open for vendors to use.

Sadly, we were not able to fund raise for portable air conditioners for the basement. The church does not have forced air heating (they are heated with radiators) and so it would be a massive undertaking to have them install air conditioning. This year we will be providing fans and doing our best to minimize the impact of the warm June weather. There will also be a free water station in the Grinder's Market and on the main floor that will be provided to everyone, guest and vendor alike.

At the moment, due to the fact that fund raising seems to be very difficult at this time, our budget is very tight. The Crescent Fort Rouge United Church is a most gracious and understanding host to our event. And, for now seems to be the most affordable venue we can find in Winnipeg.

If we could find a more modern/accessible facility that had the same atmosphere/friendly relations/open-minded attitudes, interior/look that suits a Steampunk event like the church, and was within our budget, we would definitely give it great consideration. For now, our event can only strive to overcome the challenges and rise above like any true Steampunk community would do. We are truly Steampunk in our DIY and quite stick it to the man attitude and all that.

The building is old and has outdated features. We are trying to find the best means to work with the resources we have. We will try to keep doors open to allow for airflow. It is assumed that if you agree to be a vendor at this event you are aware of the buildings condition, the event parameters, and our resources. You, therefore, agree to vending in the conditions provided.

The Grinder's Market is open from 9am to 12pm to the public for free up until the convention proper begins. Once the convention starts at 12pm the Grinder's Market situated in the basement will be restricted to paying attendees of the event. Please be aware that the Grinder's Market was created for the sole purpose of catering to our convention guests and bringing in a higher attendance. Most conventions will not allow free access to their vendor areas.

The outdoor vendors, along with the Carnival Games, are open for the public to access without having to pay the convention admission fee until the close of the event at 5pm.

I take responsibility for issues that are reasonable and within my control to address. We have done our best to address them this year. If you have a complaint or an issue there will be a Vendor Rep on site for you to speak with and we will do our very best to address them in a satisfactory manner.

We will not permit public and open negative discussions on our comment threads here in the group or vendors actively approaching other vendors at the event to incite discontent. If we discover a vendor visiting other vendor spaces trying to incite discord with the event that vendor will be politely asked to leave. They will not have their Vendor Fees refunded.

I hope this post has addressed most issues concerning the vendor area and Grinder's Market. If you wish to discuss anything further in the form of a complaint or issue, we ask that this is done privately with our event organizer.

Thank you so much everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again this year. Take good care and we will see you at the Tea.

Best Regards,
Natasha Klassen
Event Organizer


The Grinder's Underground Steampunk Black Market Vendor's Registration Form


The Grinder's Market 

Featured Vendors of 2019

Perfect Sentiments 

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets has been in business for over ten years now. We offer custom gift baskets like no one else. Our baskets are made for the recipient and you tell us the price you want to pay. 

We are proud members of The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken, the owner is the sitting President of SETK, Natasha Klassen. Our table will offer a myriad of different unique and specially chosen merchandise that will wow the Steampunker in you. 

We offer hats, jewelry, and hard to find gifts. This year we will be selling the SETK Society Pins, last year's Octopus charm, our Fundraising Tshirts, and other items we have lovingly created for our members.


You can also purchase tickets for the raffle prizes at the Perfect Sentiments table. These are prizes that were donated by our amazing vendors that will be given away at the end of the day. 

You never know what you will find at the PS Baskets table. We like to change it up and pull a few surprises out of our bustles on the day of the Tea. 

See you at the Tea!!


Machine Gal Milliner


Maker of costume hats, masks, and accessories; including unique weaponry and Ray Guns! Her beautiful feathered fascinators, delicate chain veil headpieces, or stunning horns will complete any Summer Festival Outfit!

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

M&M Creations


Here at M&M Custom Creations we enjoy creating beautiful and affordable pampering products, wood burning and jewelry making. 


We have a diverse range of skills and enjoy hearing people enjoy our products as well. You can find M&M Creations

outside in the Carnival Games Area. 

Bursting With Books

We are a group of three local authors, Larry Flewin, Leia T. Getty and Ronald Hore who write science fiction, fantasy, and noir detective novels. Two of us are through publishers, one is self-published. We are active in local writing circles and our books are available either from us or through the usual on-line and digital formats. We often appear at local craft shows and events throughout the year.

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

Bejeweled Goddess


Bejeweled Goddess is a local, Winnipeg business. I specialize in Sterling Silver Jewelry with Ethically Traded stones from all over the world. We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the Steampunk event!

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

Authors of Manitoba

Authors of Manitoba is a local authors’ cooperative where Manitoban authors can come together to share ideas, news, experience, and opportunities.

Authors featured at the Steampunk Tea will include: Casia Schreyer, Alex McGilvery, Sherry Peters, Bess Hamilton, and more. We will have historical fiction, steampunk, magic punk, dark fantasy, sci-fi, and more!


Hoffenthal Charms & Curios 

Hoffenthal Charms makes lovely pins, magnets, sewing kit books, fabric and paper baskets. They also make other wonderful little items like journals, dice bags and more. 

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 


Eeva's up cycled wardrobe pieces are all one of a kind. They are perfect for a Steampunk look. She makes cool and funky bras, skirts, Tribal belts, pants, and other items. Her pieces are truly inspired and absolutely terrifically unique. 

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

Kevin Grummett

Kevin Grummett has been doing photography for 5 yrs mostly landscapes and still life. Ron Buchan has been doing photography since 1978 goit into it by doing the darkroom side of photography. He has shot posters for local events and having sold stock images for a calendar. Currently shooting boudoir images and creative portraits as well as landscape and wildlife. 

*Kevin is also our Official Photographer for the Tea. You will find Kevin and the photo booth in the Upper Hall on the second floor.

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 



My name is Patricia Sousa and I fell in love with the art of making dragon eggs.  I often ask people “Wouldn’t you like your own clutch of dragons?”  Who wouldn’t?  I started about 6 months ago and have learned new techniques for hand painting my eggs.  I have eggs that range in size:  mini, small and x-large, hanging and pumpkins; I have even ventured to make a dragon scale Christmas tree.  Each egg can also be purchased with a case that comes with moss and your pick of “jewels” to go with your egg.  What respectable dragon would not have some sparkle.  Each egg is unique and is made of metal with a foam core. 

Official Tarot Card Reader:

Introducing Madam Amy



I am Madam Amy....and here is my story.

I was always "that strange kid", who was practically obsessed with death, the dead, and things that go bump in the night. I would have sooner been playing in a cemetery than in a playground. The dead spoke to me in many ways, I was able to feel their emotions, thoughts, even memories, it was like their consciousness were inside of my mind for a brief moment in time.

As I grew older my abilities changed, I would know when death was coming, or when someone was telling a lie. I began to see a person"s spirit instead of their body, I could see their life purpose. Funny story was, I had no clue what mine was. Then I became a Mom, and somehow I could shut it off, I was no longer bombarded by thoughts and emotions that were not my own. I had finally taken control and learned how to harness that energy to some degree.


My readings are honest, I will tell you the things you need to here, not always what you want to hear. My purpose is to help you live your most authentic life. Do I know the winning lottery numbers? ....nope...I wouldn't even care to if I could. Us old souls have no desire for bigger, or better, or the newest, we just want to grow and learn the lessons we were sent here to understand.


It is magical and terrifying all in the same breath. I will know things about you, or your life, when there is no other way I could know. I am 41 years old, I was born this way, I did not study, nor did I want this, but this gift I have I would love to share with you. I read Oracle as well as tarot cards, I read energy as I am an empath as well, I also read tea leaves and I do mediumship.


If you wish to visit Madam Amy, please find the Gypsy Tent in the Upper Hall. She will be more than happy to answer

your questions and help you understand things that may challenge to mundane world's comprehension. 

SpiritWithinUs/ Lori-Lynn Koke. Eclective Soul Messages: 

I am a Psychic (psyche meaning of the ‘soul, mind, or spirit’) Intuitive. I receive message from the Divine Spirit, my guides, as well as yours, and those who have crossed over, anyone who is wanting to connect. 


I believe in the power of going within to find the answers; to everything. I am also an Em-path. Understanding that there is a difference between having Empathy and being an Em-path. As an Em-path, I feel what others are experiencing. This is a gift that I have spent many years honing.  


My Readings are intuitively based as I receive the messages. I have been guided to focus on ‘what is most important in your life, at this time, in this moment, that is most necessary to identify, clarify, understand, and to work through to move forward.  Most of the time, I use a couple of decks to assist me in further clarifying and understanding the messages further.  As a Psychic Intuitive, I work hand to heart with Spirit to bring clarity to a situation, experience, or circumstances in your life. 



Lori Give love unconditionally, not to have returned, but because it is unlimited. Give it wherever you are, give it anyways and in all ways. Another's ability to receive love does not depend on my ability to give. The loving allowance of all to be. In their own place and time, beginning with self. Magical 

We are neutral,

No Allegiance to Blue or Red 

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