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Subgenres Channel


You can punch the icon above and head directly to our tv channel.
You can access our free content, try our channel out with a 7 Day Free Trial,
Or subscribe to enjoy all of our content. 

Our Monthly Subscription is $9.99 USD 
A Yearly Subscription for $114.99 USD

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Our subscriptions fund our channel. They are used to pay channel costs, fund our shows, and help us create innovative features on our channel. You can find us on Roku and here on our site.

Join Us.....

We Have Shenanigans!

And Many, Many Plans.....
















Subgenres Channel would like to invite you into our parlour. Get cozy, enjoy a cup of tea, and settle in. We treat all our subscribers as friends, as well as honoured patrons. We encourage them to be a part of our community. It is very important to us that we cater to the interests of our subscribers. Our videos allow our subscribers to leave comments and interact with us.

You can also access extra content, watch your favorites On Demand anywhere, anytime. 


It is Subgenres Channel's goal to create a channel that answers to its viewers. 

This site has a blog, an interactive community that is free to join, an emporium (store), a forum, and much more. 

The Imaginarium Of Creativity






































What Is That You Say?

Well, we are a special pocket dimension hidden in the Universe of Creativity that is much like a secret garden that nurtures the fantastic and celebrates imagination. You will discover we embrace all the genres and provide a place for the beauty of the creative to truly blossom. It is our goal to create original innovative content and features that will entertain Fandom with tv shows tailor made for them. 

Gothic Horror, Interview/Maker shows, Gothic Romance, Fantasy, Scifi, and more.

As we are funded we will continue to create the line up of shows that we have in store for our subscribers.  Please join us in this flight of fancy, smell the flowers (so to speak), help us create a place in the media realm that represents the love of genres, hobbies, and shows that Fandom desires, as well as deserves. It is your subscriptions that allow us to bring you fantastic shows, concerts, and more. 

These Are Our Forms Of Funding:

Please consider subscribing or you can donate to our funding pages.

With your generous support the ends of the Universe is our limit, 

and perhaps beyond.

Sponsorship Opportunities

SYou can view our sponsorship page. COMING SOON!

This is for corporate indiviuals or businesses who wish to create a collaborative relationship with Subgenres Channel.

Funding Pages for our upcoming catalog of tv shows COMING SOON!

Look out for our tv show funding pages. Each upcoming tv series will have a dedicated funding page that you can personally follow along and see the progress of pre-production, when it will air the first episode, etc. We will add you to a mailing list so you can be involved in the their development and keep up to date on news related to the individual shows. The faster we fund them, the sooner the drama begins.


You will also be added to our sponsor list of the shows you support, added to the credits of the series you are a patron of, and enjoy patron perks. These include priority bookings for meet and greets/photo ops/autographs with our stars from the tv series at conventions, fan news, product give aways, live interactive events like online panels, and more. It is also our hope to be able to offer the patrons of each of our tv series the opportunity to give us suggestions as to where they want the story arcs to go, what they really like about the show, and be a part of their making.


We understand the important role our patrons and supporters have in our shows. And we want them to know we care about them and appreciate all their support.

Subgenres Channel Emporium





















Go to our merch pages (Tshirt shop and Emporium) to buy cool products seen in the shows. 

All funds go towards development of our tv shows and our channel.

Your support allows us to expand, hire permanent staff, create well produced content, and offer you more.


Please Watch, Compliments Of Subgenres Channel
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