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At The Home of Subgenres

A Hub for A Series of Communities Founded Upon Our Most Beloved Genres
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Here you will discover many splendid things.

And, many splendid folk,

such as;



The Society for The Ethical Treatment of Kraken, The Empire of the Night, 

The Young Cryptos, The Henderson's Directorate,

Villainy Inc., The Order of the Hour Glass, and The Black Bird Literary Initiative

Our Communities:

Please follow the link to the community you would like to visit.

Why stop at one? You are welcome to join them all.

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The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken

A Steampunk Community


The Empire of the Night

A Vampire Community



Villainy Inc.

A Conglomerate of Villains

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The Order of the Hour Glass 

Time Keepers


Gimme Both Barrels Brigade

Gun Modders, Weapons, and Prop Building 


The Blackbird Literary Initiative

A Subgenres Book Club

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The Young Cryptos

A Cryptozoology Group


The Henderson's Directorate

Historical Re-enactment Group

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Costuming Sewing League

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Festive Feudals

Fun Loving Medieval


Greetings and Salutations!!

We welcome everyone and hope that in the coming months we can create a thriving online hub of community in which members interact with each other, share their love of these genres, and take part in online events/activities.


As well as, creating a home away from home,  a place far from the Covid-19 grind, now that in-person events have been shut down for the time being. It is so important that we do not lose touch with each and retreat within our small insular bubbles, that can be lonely and unforgiving for people who love these genres. We are all about sharing our ideas, our costuming triumphs, and the vibrant DIY resourcefulness that lives in all of us. 

Please join our communities and our shenanigans. We love to meet new people and create fun and fantastic experiences to share with new friends. It is our greatest desire to get to know all of you, and create a wonderful oasis for all of us to find sanctuary from the turmoil of the world through the diverse universe of creativity. Here we can enjoy and rejuvenate in a positive and fun loving atmosphere so that we can all go back out in the real world to face another day. 

Anyone can become a member or citizen of our groups or communities. Some have a cost attached and some do not. We are very clear on which ones have fees and which ones are free. You can also join as many of the groups or communities as you like because people rarely just like one genre. 

Please see below for our events calendar that will include the dates for all the events that all the communities above will hold. Also check out our paid plans so that you will be aware of the fees attached to those specific memberships.