You have arrived.....

At The Home of Subgenres

This is the home of our new Television Broadcast Network on Roku



We are going through a rebranding process here at Subgenres.

Please find our new look at

We have moved our videos, tv series, and subscriptions 

to our new platform

Please use the menu above as well, punch on 

TV Channel/

to go directly to our new television platform where you will enjoy all our content. 

In the next few months we are going to be rebuilding this site to match the new branding and to add more information for our subscribers about the channel and our activities. 

Please look for our new Kraken

We are currently running a $2 Donation Drive to help us through the transitional stage. 

You can donate to our channel below.

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Donate Here 

If you donate $2 we will show our deep appreciation by adding you to a

Sponsors of the Subgenres Channel


a supporter of the Worldwide Creative Cooperative. 

We will add your name to the list of sponsors that will appear in a thank you video on the channel. 

We will also give you a free ticket to a draw for a fantastic gift basket that includes a free game, Airship City and many other special gifts from Subgenres Channel. 


We will be posting a photo of the gift basket soon, 

We will ship in out to the winner no matter where they are 

in the world. 


For every $2 donation you will be given a free ticket for the basket. 


The PayPal button below will process your donation

and we thank you deeply for you kind generosity. 





Some of the items included in the gift basket are:

  • One Complimentary Admission To Tesla Con 


  • 2 Complimentary Tickets To Artemis Deadman's Ghost

  • Walk

  • A Copy Of The Game Airship City

  • The Soon To Be Released New Single By Madam Misfit

  • "The Skin You Are In" - Madam Misfit

  • Graphic Novel By Bonsart Bokel

  • SG-36 The Call Girl: The Association Of Ishtar Tale - Bonsart Bokel

  • Novel By Bonsart Bokel

  • Wrench In The Machine: The Association Of Ishtar - Bonsart Bokel

  • Pages From Bonsart Bokel's Colouring Book 

  • Bookmarks From Bonsart Bokel 

There will be more items announced soon!

The draw will take place on September 30th, 2022

And we will be Live Broadcast the winner on that day.