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A promotional post about the Tea Toters Tea Parlours that Subgenres will be hosting in September 2024.

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TV Shows

A graphic that showcases our Monocle News Magazine show. It shows a female reporter researching a story.
A promotional image for Cooking With Time. A tv series about historical cooking offered on Subgenres Channel.
A promotional post that showcases the tv series called How To Be Marvelous With Ms. Mumford. A tv series about a silly time travelling socialite on Subgenres Channel.

Subgenres Channel Catalog:

We Will Be Rebuilding Our Catalog In The Next Six Months,
New Shows, New Look, and New Channel
Current Affairs

All of our catalog of shows, documentaries, concerts, and specials can be found here. The content is available to rent or buy. We will offer some free content to our audience as well. Please continue to check out our catalog in the next few months as we add more shows and grow. 

The pay-per-view fees and merchandise that is sold in our store help us to grow and create new content for you. We have so many exciting projects and programs for you to enjoy. Please consider supporting us with the small fees we charge per episode to pay for the production of our shows. 

In The Next Six Months We Will Be Rolling Out Our First Tier Of Shows:

We are currently working on five main tv shows that we will be publishing as they are ready in the next year. 
These shows are:

Coddiwomple - Our Eccentric Travel Show that focuses on the tastes and interests of those involved in the love of genres, pop culture, and hobbies. 

The Monocle - Our "news/entertainment magazine" show that focuses on bringing the creatives and artists behind the art to the forefront to allow our audience to discover the amazing minds/personalities that make the fabulous creations we all enjoy. 

Cooking With Time - Cooking With Time is our time travelling foodie show. We take you back in time to show you how to prepare ancient recipes, serve them, and put a modern twist in their preparation so you can enjoy them with family and friends. We add a healthy dose of history and fun, along with a whole lot of sugar and spice. 

Keep Calm, And Game On! - This is a show dedicated to board games and the love of gaming. We introduce our audience to a board game every episode, unbox and explain game play, and much more. 

My Mental Trampoline - This is a special series created to give Bipolar Sufferers and other struggles with the day to day journey of emotional irregularity some comfort and support. Natasha talks about how she overcame and dealt with the ups and downs of Bipolar disorder, how she learned to rise beyond the diagnosis. 

* Disclaimer - This show is not a form of therapeutic care, the information shared in the series is not advise or to be used in place of proper treatment. Natasha is not a psychiatric or mental health professional and does not wish to be confused as one. If you are in need of mental health intervention or care, please seek a trained and licensed professional. 

Sentimentally Yours - A YouTube Vlog that focuses on small business entrepreneurship and we hope to give other small business owners great tips, support, and place to come to find community. 

A Note On Production Times:
Natasha Klassen is the sole contributor, editor, and producer at the moment so our relaunch will involve a slow roll out of five new shows that are currently being produced. Natasha suffers from severe health issues that restrict her ability to create shows quickly. We ask that you have patience as we work hard to get the first season of our five first tiers shows published for you to enjoy. When the shows are published we will announce their accessibility on our social media pages. 

If you wish to view our shows quicker and also see the next tiers of programming we have to offer please support us with our pay-per-view fees and the purchase of our merchandise. It is through your support that we can grow and hire staff to further develop this television platform. Our plans are to establish a filming studio and move into higher and higher production standards, with full seasons of tv dramas, documentaries, radio plays, podcasts, concerts, specials, short films, and more. 

*Please be advised that if you purchase a video it will be accessible to you on this platform for as long as it remains relevant to the channel. We reserve the right to remove it if circumstances require it. Once removed from the channel you will lose access to the episode. 

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