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The Great Unalbatrossing Day


Welcome to The Great Unalbatrossing Day celebrations.

We here at Subgenres Channel created this holiday way back in 2015. It was originally just a silly Steampunk holiday that was added to the solar year of The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken.



However, it quickly became a beloved celebration and we have embraced its traditions ever since. 

An Albatross and it is a graphic for The Great Unalbatrossing Day.

2nd Saturday
In March 

Spirit of the Holiday

The essence of the holiday is to create a day when we can let go of our worries, upsets, troubles, and things that divide us from those we hold dear. 

Give us an opportunity to just enjoy and embrace the things that are important and bring us happiness in life. 

And spend the day laughing, spending time with important people in your life, and experience a release of things we should scatter to the winds. 

How To Celebrate?

We have created this lovely video to explain the festivities involved in the celebration of 

The Great Unalbatrossing Day.

Pack Up Your Troubles In 

An Old Albatross 


Smile, Smile, Smile!

Our Video On How To Celebrate
Unalbatrossing Day!

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