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Admin Assistant

Grand Forks, ND, USA

Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota

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We Welcome All 
Suitable Applicants

Part Time

Hybrid/Remote/Satellite Office

About the Role

- Compensation: $18 - 28/hr USD, based on experience and skill, 10 - 15 hrs a week
- Satellite Office/Remote/Work From Home
- Start Immediately, March 2024 to March 2025, with potential to grow
- Social Media Campaigns: Develop and execute targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, and potentially TikTok, to engage diverse audiences.
- Marketing Optimization: Optimize marketing strategies for social media and events, including A/B testing
to identify the most effective approaches.
- Content Creation: Use Adobe Suite to create compelling visual content such as ads, posters, flyers, and
digital graphics.
- Local Collaboration: Collaborate with local influencers, magazines, and newspapers in each city we operate
in for press releases and other engagement strategies.
- Social Media Management: Manage and respond to queries on social media regarding ticketing and show
- SEO Implementation: Utilize SEO techniques to boost the visibility of online media-related content.
- Email Marketing: Implement email marketing campaigns, including newsletters and promotional offers, to
engage existing customers and attract new ones.
- Community Engagement: Coordinate with local businesses and community groups for cross-promotion
- Data Analysis: Analyze and report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using metrics and KPIs to
refine strategies continually.
- Geo-Targeted Advertising: Experiment with geo-targeted advertising in specific locations where our
company will be operating.
- Postering, minor setup/teardown of events, interviews, and some transit between various venues
or locations in the city of Grand Forks. All reasonable business related expenses will be compensated
on a monthly basis once receipts are sent in.


·        Proven experience in social media advertising and event marketing.

·        Proficiency in Adobe Suite for creating marketing materials.

·        Strong communication skills for media outreach, sponsorship, and customer


·        Ability to think creatively and strategically to increase ticket revenue and audience


·        Experience in SEO, email marketing, and data analysis.

·        An established understanding and knowledge of the Arts Community in Grand

Forks, Minnesota, and surrounding area.

·        Ability to work with a diverse group of talent, businesspeople, and public.

·        Knowledge of basic theater/event operations.

·        Experience and/or a degree in Theater or Film is encouraged, but not necessary.

**We ask that the applicant have a valid Driver's License

About the Company

Shenanigans abound, every day an adventure, innovative creatives....

Subgenres Media is new to the Grand Forks area and intends to develop exciting and "Out of the Box" projects that create opportunities for local talent in relation to performance, development of skills, and stage/film experience. Our company is based in Winnipeg, Canada. However, we are now creating a satellite office in Grand Forks. Hence, we are seeking reliable and hard-working staff to work as in a satellite "office" on our behalf in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Our goal is to create unique and fun events that bring a diverse group of people together under the umbrella of entertainment to foster a sense of positivity and community. We wish to "bring people together" through common interests and amusing experiences. Our mission statement is to put people first and to promote the Joie de Vivre of Fine Arts and Entertainment Events that can bring a community together in a positive way.

Subgenres Media is purposeful in its determination not to be aligned with any political agenda, it is our desire to entertain, and in doing so promote community cohesion and tolerance.

Please send your resume to:

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