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Comedian Registration Form

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registration form.

We will be publishing Regular House Comedian Profiles, Workshops & Seminars, Job Positions,
and moreon this page very soon!

If you wish to have a profile included here please indicate this on the form.
We look forward to meeting you!

Out Of The Box

Open Mic Comedy Nights

Subgenres Media is proud to announce our

Out Of The Box Open Mic Comedy Nights


The Empire Arts Center in the Black Box Theater. 

Monthly Sessions

7pm to 9pm


Promotional post about our Out of the Box Open Mic Comedy Night on April 3rd, 2024.

Audience Participation
Drinks Available For Purchase
And More!

We will be announcing our 
upcoming door prizes in the 
next few days.

All Comedians Welcome graphic


All comedians are welcome to participate in the Open Mic Comedy Nights. We encourage everyone to pre-register through the form below before the evening starts.


Participants are able to come as walk-ins, however, those who pre-register get priority times. 

Hone Your Skill graphic


Come and show us your stuff! We are offering the perfect venue to practice your set and gain real time performance experience.


AM to PRO performers have a stage to vet their jokes. First time AM performers will get 3 mins, PROs will get a 5mins. Regulars may be allowed 10 - 15 mins.

Supporting Local Talent


Subgenres Media is actively working with local comedians and performers in Grand Forks, North Dakota.


It is our goal to provide a professional stage environment and training opportunities to develop their skills. We believe in funny people and giving them a start. Everyone deserves their 3 mins!

Calendar of Open Mic Nights


Monthly Dates

April 3rd, 2025

First Ever! 

Open Night Comedy Night

Admission $5 @ Door

July 11, 2024

Open Night Comedy Night

Admission $5 @ Door

Tentative Improv Games Scheduled

May 2, 2024

Open Mic Comedy Night

Admission $5 @ Door

Headliner: To Be Announced

August 1, 2024

Open Mic Comedy Night

Admission $5 @ Door

Headlinger: To Be Announced

June 6, 2024

Intro To Improv 

Admission To Be Posted

Instructor: To Be Announced

September 5, 2024

How To Write A Joke

Admission To Be Posted

Instructor: To Be Announced

Admission @ Door

The Open Mic Comedy Nights at the Black Box Theater in the Empire Arts Center has a $5 charge at the door for both comedians and audience members. This is to pay for the costs of the venue and the event. 


** Comedians Who Preregister For The Open Night Mics 12 Hours Before The Show Begins Do Not** 

            Pay $5 Door Charge. 

We hope to use the funds generated from the Door Charge and the merch table to develop operational monies to provide local talent a professional venue/atmosphere to gain necessary skills in their trade. 

We are hoping to raise enough funds to also offer seminars and classes related to Comedy, Writing and Performing Comedy, Stage Presence, Public Speaking, Improv, Improv Games, and more. These extra events will have seperate details so please check this page on the website frequently and our Facebook page for further updates. 


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Donations Are Welcome

Subgenres Channel is accepting donations to constantly improve and create opportunities to support local talent in Grand Forks, North Dakota and the surrounding area. We hope to use any funds gained from the Open Mic Comedy Nights, merchandise, and donations to pay the administration and operating costs of this monthly event. This will keep the cost to the performers and audience low and allow us to offer greater training and development opportunities to local talent. 

Sponsors Welcome

Subgenres Channel welcomes any opportunity to partner with local businesses to cross promote and create a sponsorship relationship with them. Please contact us at 1-204-292-9599 to discuss sponsorship and the different ways we can support each other and the local performers. 


                                           Or, send us your sponsorship proposal to:


Comedian Registration Form

Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional Welcome
Comedian Registration Form

Comedian Registration

Comedians who preregister before event are given free admission

What Skill Level Are You?
Please Upload A Headshot & Short Bio, Social Media Links, Website

Semi/Professional Comedians
Please Send A One Page Resume
Upload Image File

House Rules:

We at Subgenres Media understand that comedy is a risk taking process that often involves social commentary and the open discussion of the world we observe around us. 

We do ask that all comedians performing agree to a few simple rules while at our event.

1. Politics is a part of comedy, however, no hateful or degrading political humour.

2. We do not ask that comedians keep only to "clean" humour. However, if your material is overly abusive, graphic, or inappropriate we reserve the right to halt your set. Comedy must have an element of pushing boundaries and testing waters, however, this too must be within tolerance levels.

3. You must be over 18 to participate.


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Usual Suspects/House Comedians

Our House Comedians

The Usual Suspects

Meet the semi to pro comedians that are house regulars at Out of the Box Open Mic Comedy Nights. Subgenres Media is all about the comedians and developing the local Comedy scene in Grand Forks, North Dakota and the Surrounding area. 

We want to highlight and give local performers, improv teams and artists, comedians, and comic musicians a place to hone their skills, develop real stage experience in front of a live audience, and also provide the community with a fantastic venue to enjoy the LOLs.

Subgenres Media is offering semi to pro Comedians an opportunity to develop an online following by promoting them on our social media and gaining in person fans by showcasing them here on our site in The Usual Suspects section. These are comedians that have stage experience and wish to be frequent attendees of the Open Mic Nights. 

The perks that come with registering and becoming a Usual Suspect are:

  • Guarenteed sets during specific evenings.

  • Potential gigs at other comedy events Subgenres Media may offer.

  • A Usual Suspects Profile in which our guests can find their headshot, bio, and social media links.

  • We hope to provide their "Buy Me A Coffee" or "Tip Jar" links during live shows so that our audience can show their appreciation for an awesome set. 

  • Each registered Comedian will be eligible for a paid gig as a Headlining Usual Suspect when we offer our special nights. These nights will showcase one Usual Suspect a night and they will recieve compensation for their performance. In order to become a Headliner you must perform at least three successful 15 min gigs at a regular Open Mic Night and develop a solid set that is polished, has a good LOL to jokes ratio, and brings people through the door. 

  • Usual Suspects are allowed to enter the forum for peer reviews and industry discussion here on Subgenres Media. 

  • Usual Suspects will also enjoy first dibs on workshops, seminars, and training opportunities offered by Subgenres Media and their collaborating professional partners. 

  • Throughout the year Usual Suspects will also be offered discounts and perks for different projects, merch, and other offerings Subgenres Media may offer. 

Workshop/Career Development Information 

Instructors And Development Opportunities

Subgenres Media/Out of The Box Open Mic Comedy Nights are teaming up with professionals in the fields of comedy and improv to create a new learning environment and space in which local talent in Grand Forks, Nd (as well as the surrounding area) can develop their skills. We are offering workshops on improv, sketch comedy, writing jokes, stage presence, and more in the coming months. 

These workshops will cater to a range of performers at different points in their development, from amateur classes to more professional level techniques/peer review workshops. It is our goal to offer our Comedy Round Table, a monthly gathering of semi to professional level performers for the purpose of peer review, networking, and developing opportunities through collaboration. We also hope to offer a job listings board, a forum, and provide trailer videos to showcase their work on our website. These features will be available to professional comedians looking for paid gigs in the surrounding area and North Dakota.


Venues and events seeking vetted and seasoned performers can find the talent they are seeking here. Professional performers can supply their agents/agency information, contact details, rates, bios/headshots, so that those wishing to find just the right performer will be able to discover local talent easily and quickly, then directly make contact. Subgenres Media adds their personal links and contact information so there is no middle man. 

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