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About Subgenres Media

The Full Story

Subgenres Media is the parent company of Subgenres Channel. We offer various forms of entertainment spanning from basic media such as graphic design, ads, and social media marketing to more expansive formats like our blog, tv shows, in person and online events, films, as well as live streaming. But we didn't start out that way.....


Our journey began on Shaw Community Access in Winnipeg, Manitoba. However, that was never the end goal. In the twelve years of operation Subgenres Media has incorporated many different types of mediums of entertainment and delivered our special form of content on array of platforms. This includes holding such things as in person events, conventions and live radio podcasts. We have had a few "homes" online, but this is our final destination and our "Forever Home", here on It is with a warm welcome we wish to invite our guests to make themselves a place here and find a community that is just the right fit for them.

Our very first iteration of our media company was a television show on Shaw Community Access that focused on Fandom and alternative communities called Subgenres Winnipeg. The mandate of the show was to explain to Mainstream audiences that alternative communities "put their pants on the same way as everyone else every morning, except our were a bit more eccentric than others". In other words, people are different in appearance and lifestyle, but we are all the same underneath. We have the same needs, feelings, and should be treated with tolerance. Subgenres was trying to break down the stigma attached to interests and activities that were seen as weird or nerdy. 

In the persuant years Subgenres Media has grown and shifted its focus from mainly Fandom interests to a more generalized affection for showcasing Creativity, Innovation, "Outside The Box Thinking", and the vast expanse of the Human Imagination. Now we tell stories and produce media content that celebrates the amazing abilities of the Human Race to create, elevate understanding, ideas, and existence. 


This is where we will strive to provide awesome content that focuses on human interest stories, hobbies, the many genres of fiction and non-ficiton, and storytelling that compels our audiences to explore the Human Condition with universal narratives and characters that speak to everyone. We love scifi, fantasy, Steampunk, gothic romance, historical ficiton, alternative histories, time travel, speculative fiction, horror, and more.  

Thank you for joining us here and we hope you stay. 

Natasha Klassen

CEO/Founder of Subgenres Media

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Subgenres is an avid promoter and collaborator with many Creatives and Innovators. We welcome all imaginative souls to reach out and connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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