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My Mental Trampoline

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn Of The Mental Screw

Hello, and welcome to My Mental Trampoline. My name is Natasha Klassen and I have been the voice behind this blog since 2002. I used to go by the pen name Tattymuffins or TattyLou, now I am just Tash.


Recently I have been inspired to return 

to writing from the Mental Health Perspective due to the rise in crisis level 

numbers of sufferers and how devastating the present atmosphere of 

Mental Health Advocacy has become. 

People have lost the path and for most seeking a way to move forward all there seems to be is chaos. In the last few years I have reserved my guidance for my son. But, now I realize that all of our sons and daughters need a hand to reach out

and help them find the way.

So, I am back. 

This Is The Reflection We See When W Look In The Mirror (2).png

Be The Change, Turn The Screw In The Right Direction.....Instead Of Causing Tension, Release The Knowledge.

Greetings Fellow Travellers,
Let's Build One Another Up

By Illuminating The Path One Lesson At A Time

It is our goal here at My Mental Trampoline to share the lessons learned over the 53 years I have experienced living as a functioning bipolar sufferer. At first I shared my articles as a person struggling to make sense of the world within me so that the world without could understand my pain and behaviour. I wanted others to see how I discovered coping mechanisms and a healthy perspective that embraced building function, as opposed to dysfunction, into my world.


At the time I firmly believed that there wasn't enough voices discussing the true journey we often are forced to take, specific to  bipolar affected minds, as well as too little practical application of common sense and logic to the care of one's mindscape (so to speak). There were lots of sympathy, lots of enabling, and much "guidance", but no clear map of routes through the bogs of dysfunctional quagmires of thought or how to take the better route to avoid potential disasters/road hazards. 

I felt a deep obligation, as well as responsibility to discuss the journey I was on so that others could follow the breadcrumbs of what I had discovered and find their own way to cope with their "bipolar travels" through the complicated mine field of affected/dysfunctional emotions and thoughts. I began to write articles to give people practicle ways to use simple techniques to work through the tempest in their inner world. Also, to control the skyrocketing highs (manias) and plummeting lows (depression) that defines the experience of Bipolar Disorder.


However, the most important part of the website was to share insight and explain the commonly misunderstood perspective of a sufferer to their loved ones and partners. I was hoping to heal the rifts created by my mental illness with my family and give guidance to my new husband at the time to be able to cope with the tribulations of living/loving an affected wife. I found some success with my family, friends, and the visitors that came and enjoyed my content. But, sadly, I was never able to reach the one person I had hoped to bond with the most, my former husband. In the end, I stopped engaging in the conversation, not just with him, but the rest of the world as well. In my weakest moment I withdrew and stumbled into the dark woods to escape to the shadows. 


When I began this blog I was a 26 year old mom recently married and trying to shore up my mental fortitude for the task of building a new life with my husband whilst raising a son. I did my best to create articles and keep up with the overwhelming response to my website. After seven years I eventually sucumbed to my disorder, my self doubt, my self loathing, my depression/disappointment and I found myself silent. I lost the path. After the failure of a 17 year marriage and seeing my son grow to be a strong independent adult I realized I had to find a reason to live, or die in the misery of my own creation. I left and starting picking my way through the brambles of hurt and desolation to find my way out of the deep dark wood.

I felt deeply that if my son should fall victim to the same genetic fate I had at the age of 21, I had to be a pathfinder, not a lost soul, for the sake of his future mental health. I had always been a close and caring mom, but I had allowed myself to recede into the background and become a shadow of the person I was. I saw that my son would need a beacon to follow in the darkest night, not a shadow that is lost to the dark recesses. So, I forced myself to rise from the quagmire of self loathing I had sunk myself into and pulled my soul free. I now enjoy a very rewarding and close relationship with my son. He is my sunrise and sunset, I love him to the ends of the universe and beyond. I share his journey and I feel deeply honoured that he turns to me for guidance, and looks to the horizon for the light of a new day to guide him away from the dark of night. I am so very proud of my son. 

Now I am 53 and with age I have come to understand many more things about life, love, and the universe. I had been reserving my energy and efforts to guiding my son through this ever complicated world. Now, I realize that I need to also pause and give aid to other sufferers I am finding lost and abandoned on the roadside. My son is not the only person who is in need of true North. So, I am returning to walk with my fellow travellers, give succour and a hand in the dark when there are too many unseen roots to stumble upon along the path. 

I invite my guests to join me and feel comfortable to share your lessons as well. I will provide a place for visitors to leave comments and send insight at the bottom of this page. Please, it is together that we reach our destination and it is how we treat others as we journey that makes the final destination worth arriving at. All together, all safe, a place in which we have created in our combined walk with each other. 

Foggy Mountains

"It is not the force of your instability that will create the greatest impact, it is the spirit with which you conquer and rise above it that will change your world for the better."

Our Articles

Our Bread Crumbs Left For Those Looking For A Way To The Light

You can enjoy all of our articles published here for free. These articles are meant to help you understand your journey with Bipolar Disorder and the trials/tribulations that emerge from living with a mental illness. I am not providing professional therapeutic advise or help. This is a platform created by a mental health sufferer, advocate, and mother. I am not representing myself as a mental health expert or a medical practitioner. If you are in need of therapeutic intervention I strongly encourage you to contact your local mental health outreach and a practitioner who can provide professional support. 

The articles provided below will be new and reformatted versions of past articles written for my guests. You are welcome to share them, but I ask that you please credit the author and respect the creative content property laws when doing so. I will be adding the content for each image very soon. Please check in regularly for updates and additions to this library. 

Thank you for reading my articles and supporting this site. We appreciate your presence and we welcome everyone to our home here on Please be respectful of others, take the time to listen and learrn, as well as feel free to support your fellow travellers in their journey by your side. 

The Path We Tread

The Milestones, Sign Posts, and Wisedom Gained From The Journey

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Slings And Arrows

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Our Mission Statement

My Mental Trampoline is dedicated to communicating self discovery and lessons gleaned from healing/constructive understanding of moments of mental health fragility experienced by the author. The purpose of the articles to is give others hope that Bipolar Sufferers can live functional and healthy lives while contributing positively through their brilliant creativity to the world outside of them. You are not your disorder, your bipolar disorder does not define you or your reality. 

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