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Empire of the Night


On The Matter of Citizenship


To Our Future Citizens,

We are delighted that you are interested in to joining us and becoming a citizen of our empire. My name is Mistress T

and I am the Empress of the Empire of the Night. I am writing to inform you of the wonderful advantages you will

enjoy as a new citizen of The Empire. Please take note of these perks so that you can fully take advantage of them.

Citizenship Entails:

  • Citizen price on the purchase of tickets or entrance fees for our year round events

  • Citizen entrance fees to Empire Nights, the monthly meet-ups offered to all the citizens of the Empire to acquaint themselves with other citizens and enjoy an evening to be their personas. These evenings will be specially organized to cater to the tastes and fancies of our citizens. Non-Citizens are welcome to attend; however, they will pay a Friend of the Empire entrance fee. These evenings will start to be scheduled as soon as there is a demand.

  • Citizens will be featured in videos/photos taken during Empire Events and the Newsletter created for the Empire of the Night.

  • Citizens will be allowed to showcase their personas and personal stories in the Celestial Gallery in the Official Website Empire of the Night Section on 

  • They will receive a complimentary sitting in the Photo Parlor each year. Actual copies of the digital images generated from this sitting or printed copies will be an extra charge if the citizen wishes to obtain their own personal copy. The best image generated from this sitting will be included in the Citizen Registry Page of the official website section. Their persona name and Galere name will be placed under the image.

  • Citizens will be offered exclusive Citizen Offers. These will be announced as they are made available.

  • Citizens enjoy a 10 percent discount on select Subgenres Events that involve the other communities we operate.

  • All citizens receive a monthly newsletter in digital form sent to their email address that keeps them up-to-date on all Empire events and news. This newsletter will start to be published and sent out when there is a demand. It also gives additional information about the Empire of the Night and creates a world in which citizens can create their adventures within.

  • Citizens will be allowed to create celebrity status in the Celestial Gallery throughout the year. During Empire of the Night Events we will allow these celebrities of the Empire to sign autographs and provide them with autograph cards to collect them for themselves from other citizens. Citizens are also able to earn military medals and honorary awards throughout the year if they publish their personas exploits in the Celestial Gallery (photos or videos) and in the Empire Hall of Records (written stories). The creative material published by each citizen is their own creative content. We reserve the creative rights to the Universe of the Empire of the Night, but personas, personal histories, and Fan Fiction by our members remains theirs alone. 

  • Citizens can apply for Debutante Status if they are between the ages of 18-21.

  • Only citizens are allowed to be members of an official Galere of the Empire. Citizens are welcome to register their galere with the Empire and reserve a table at Empire Events for exclusive seating. There is a small reservation fee. Please visit Galere Table Reservations at our events.


We are looking forward to meeting you at our events and getting to know you.


May the night protect and keep you

Safe in its dark embrace,




Mistress T

Empress of the Empire of the Night



How Does One Become A Citizen?

It is relatively simple to become a citizen of the Empire of the Night. If you are a vampire you simply fill out the citizen registration form 

below. There is a once in a lifetime fee of $65 and with that you will receive your Citizenship Package. All applicants must be 18 years or older.

We ask that our members use a false persona name for their citizenship calling cards. This is actually a security measure to prevent private and personal information from being given out. Many times we do not know the people we are getting to meet and at these events the majority of information you are gleaning from conversations is fictional. This is a way of protecting your identity, but still being able to give a way of people to contact you. By giving away your personas calling card it gives people a way of finding you on the Empire of the Night Chats, Forum, and Profile. All of these means of communication are done by your persona name and you only have to divulge as much information as you feel comfortable. 

** We highly suggest that you do not give out personal information on your profile, in Empire Chats, The Forum, Profile, to strangers online, or at events. We are not responsible for the degree with which you wish to interact with other members of the Empire, we do wish to stress that getting to know a person well in real life first is advised before sharing personal real world details with them. **


The Empire is not a dating service. It is an entertainment/events service. 


A Citizen Package includes:

- Lifetime Citizen Identification Card (Laminated)

- A Certificate of Citizenship of the Empire of the Night

- A personal welcome letter from the Imperial Desk of Mistress T

- A silver colored metal Calling Card Case with your persona's name engraved on the cover 

- 25 Complimentary Calling Cards for your persona

-A complimentary Night Blessing







What Type of Citizen Are You?



Our new young citizens are very important to the Empire of the Night. We wish to celebrate these vibrant

members of our society. And so, for many centuries we have made great effort to showcase these citizens and

give them a bit of celebrity treatment during their debutante year. Their entrance into Empire Society is

celebrated with much ado.

Debutantes enjoy a special status in the Empire of the Night and at our various events during their “Coming Out” year.

The words “Coming Out” has long been used by high society to describe the process of a Debutante being

introduced during important occasions, such as significant balls or events/galas, in order for them to be recognized in

their social circles. This usually happens throughout the year that they enjoy the status of Debutante. In the historic

past this process enabled these young people to acquire status and potential social connections that were greatly sought after.

Our young debutantes, however, are introduced to Empire Society for the purposes of recognition, to establish a Galere bid,

and gain status. There is an important difference from the traditional form of this status in mundane society. It must be

noted here for Debutantes of the Empire of the Night to be aware of; ours can be male or female. As long as the vampires 

are between the ages of 18-21 and are citizens of the Empire, they can register to be recognized as a Debutante.

We will allow all citizens between the ages of 18-21 to register for Debutante status every year until they turn 21. However,

they will only celebrate their “Coming Out” year once. This is an added option to their citizenship and an additional fee

that must be paid every year until they are 21. We only charge for citizenship once in a lifetime, so once you become a citizen

you are one for life. The Debutante status is a fee that is charged every year that you register as one.

Debutantes enjoy special privileges within the year of their debut or “Coming Out”. They are a featured guest at

Empire of the Night events held throughout the year. We are proud of new young citizens and so we try to reward them by giving them exclusive

Debutante discounts on Empire of the Night products and entrance fees. These citizens are announced during official events and

to honour the year of their debut they will receive a certificate for that year, a complimentary sitting for a formal portrait, their

formal portrait will be entered into the Citizen Registry on the website, and they will be showcased in the Celestial Gallery.

If you are a returning Debutante you will still receive all the aforementioned privileges, except for a certificate for the returning years.

You will enjoy a complimentary sitting for a formal portrait to be used in the Citizen Registry found on the Empire of the Night

website to mark each Debut Year. Any personal copies, digital or print, must be purchased by the individual through the packages

offered on the website or by inquiry. Mistress T will provide access to her Imperial Parlor once a year for all formal portraits to be

taken for the Official Registry of the Empire of the Night.

We will be adding the different types of Service to the Empire, The Unnaturals, Elders, Old Ones, The Time Period To Choose Your Persona From, and other categories very soon.










                                                                   A Complete Index of The Empire of the Night Galeres and

                                                              Their Contact Reps Will Be Published In The Citizen's Area of

                                                                     The Empire of the Night Section On This Website Soon.


Official Empire of the Night Galeres:

Definition of galère: a group of people having an attribute in common. This is the Empire's traditional term for a House,

Family, or Bloodline of Vampires.

Official registration of Empire of the Night Galeres is encouraged in order to give these special groups

privileged status and identify them at important events. An official Galere can be of any size, as long as

the membership is four or more citizens. You must register your galere once a year with the Empire of the Night to

be a recognized entity of the Empire. The members of the galere must be listed. 


This has been deemed so because in difficult years of the Empire, galeres were hunted down or members

would meet an untimely death. Giving a voice in the political arenas of the Empire to only one individual

or two would not be a proper representation of our people. Each galere has one seat in our Congress,

some smaller groups, called clutches are encouraged to amalgamate to give themselves a seat of representation. 

These galeres hold a special status in the Empire and can be important if the citizens are interested in the

political arenas or pivotal societal activities of the community. They are given the privilege of sending representatives

to important assemblies of the Empire, be given special status at events, and acquire exclusive benefits from the social

importance of their galere. Depending on their history, status, social influence, and alliances, being a member of a

specific galeres can give a citizen a significant importance in the Empire of the Night.

These galeres can be based on a trade, alignment, status, or particular bond that all share in common. Some galeres are

based purely on their blood knot relations, all members may be from one Blood Knot Mother or Father.

(A Blood Knot Mother or Father is the vampire who tied you to their bloodline by turning you into a vampire.)

Empire of the Night Galeres protect their members and identify themselves as a related group either as a family

(through blood knot ties) or as Galere kin. Depending on a vampire's relationship to another galere member

they will use terms like cousin, sister, or uncle for vampires in the same galere as them. 


Citizens that are human are also allowed to align with a galere. They are considered Confederates

aligned with that galere. Members of a galere celebrate traditional Empire holidays together, attend events and assemblies as a united group,

and create their own traditions/celebrations. These groups govern themselves, but must answer to the Empress of the Empire as their formal head of government. Larger galeres may offer private newsletters, events and activities, even yearly dues; this is determined by the elders of the galere itself. All galeres must notify the Imperial Court of their activities in order to deter from scheduling or governing conflicts with Official Empire Events and policies.

Each galere must register every year with the Empire of the Night to ensure that there is an Imperial

record of their membership. The yearly registration fee is not based on the number of members; it is

purely an administrative fee of $65. This pays for all the administrative needs and documents that occur

during the year. This fee is paid by the galere as a group, not by an individual, how the members

choose to deal with these administrative costs is up their governing body to determine.

You can register your galere on this site where Citizenship is purchased. With the purchase of a

Galere Registration the group is allowed a sitting for a formal Galere Portrait in Mistress T’s Imperial Parlor. This Galere Portrait will

be included in the Citizen Registry on this Website. No non-galere members will be allowed in this portrait. Any individuals wishing to have a personal copy must purchase a package or inquire to buy a digital or print copy.

 All members of an Empire of the Night galere must be registered citizens of the Empire. This is a formal group

of citizens that are aligning with each other; any participant who is not a registered citizen will be referred to as a

friend of the galere within Empire of the Night proper. They will not hold status or title.

An Important Note About Citizenship Registration:


If you purchase a Citizenship at an event or other way, you must still fill out a Citizenship Registration Form. We will offer paper copies of this form at events or can mail a hard copy to you if requested. There is a small mailing fee. Please contact us at: 

Subgenreswinnipeg@gmail. com


204-292-9599 (Contact Person's Name: Natasha Klassen)

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