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Hey You! Yes, You Sunshine..... Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration from a mom to the child in all of us.

By Natasha Klassen

Dedicated to My Sunbeam


I am specifically speaking to you. Yes, you, I know how it feels. Today everything added up to less than zero. So much was dismantling and all the worst things were coming at me.

It was a day when I didn’t think I could handle one more hit. And when it hit, I broke.

But, when I could think rationally again I opened my eyes and realized I had not died. The world kept spinning. And because of that I realized that so did my chances, they did not disappear, they just spun around and changed so I could survive. And that life spins like a globe.

No matter what happens it will eventually rotate from the darkness that is turned from the light to the bright light as it turns to face the sun. New opportunities and different perspectives will emerge.

In your darkest hour you must remember that it will eventually be brightened by a new dawn. And there is always an end to the darkest night.

Loss and darkness have a finite time. Nothing lasts forever. I have restarted, evolved, refocused so many times that when the initial pain subsides I understand that I, and only I, can forge a new beginning. And I can create new hope. But only if I change and not give in to the darkest night, but wait for my world to rotate.

So, my dear let me take your hand and show you the grand vista of your new world at the dawn of a new day. We can stand together in the light as the sunrise sets your world ablaze with new hope. Chasing away the night as it recedes behind you. The dark shadows fleeing the sunbeams.

You will be ok after the tears have dried and the wounds have healed. Nothing in this world is ours forever except our soul, our strength, and our understanding of who we are.

In the end that is what is our eternal riches, what we take with us from day to night and back again. And no lose can rob us of unless we allow it. You are not alone, I can show you the fellow travelers who understand your journey. Stand with us as the sun rises above the horizon and we feel the light on our souls once more.

You will be ok, hang on to my hand.


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